Premiere: Junq – Stealth Shadows (Remix)


The plan had been carefully masterminded, every detail scrutinised and every minute accounted for. It had taken months of preparation to get to this point but they were finally ready. It would all go down tonight under the veil of darkness, a stealthy getaway in the shadows. The rewards would be huge, but the consequences… Well, they preferred to keep them out of mind.

For their fifth release, following EPs from SC-164 and The 15 Dead Minutes, London-based imprint Subapical call on Art Mechanical regular Junq. The fellow Londoner has been producing for almost two decades, taking his productions to labels like Wandering Soul, Further Electronix and Revoke. Now he makes his debut on Subapical, with three tracks that continue to carry the label’s mantle for electro-driven sounds.