Premiere: Juno Mamba – Flicker (Edit)


There was a light which shone in the dense, black heat of the night. It hung from the sky and flickered with prominent chaos. It cast an eerie spell upon the footpath by the canal down below. From time to time a lost soul would walk by the riverside, they would not know where they might end up for the pathway before them was littered with hazards and peril. It was dark and gloomy, the dust from each step billowed into the smokey night sky. Yet all the little light did was flicker, for it was not aware. 

Juno Mamba is set to release a new EP in 2020, regarded as an up and coming talent with a penchant for abstract melodic shimmers and a club focussed attitude his debut is eagerly anticipated. The record will be released by Soothsayer and as such they have teased what lies ahead with the emergence of a new track which is simply titled "Flicker". The concept behind the track is reviewed below:

“The idea behind Flicker came after a trip to Japan and being inspired by Tadao Ando’s designs. I remember feeling an unexplainable energy inside the buildings and losing all perspective of space and time. I felt a surprising sense of freedom, although visually, it’s quite structured and carefully considered. I wanted to recreate that feeling and aesthetic within this song.”

Listen below:

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