Premiere: Jquell Roaché – Traitre


Walking through the roses she looked out at the rest of the garden but relished in the fact that she felt at home amongst the tall, delicate flowers. It was not treason for her to feel this way, it was not a crime for her to enjoy the delicate scent of the wondrous blossom in the glow of the warm summer afternoon. She was peaceful and alone, silent and quiet in her own perfection. She was no traitor to the cause for it in itself was but a lie which lay some place else amongst the wild thorns and tall grasses far away. 

Maison Fauna is a newly launched record label from North Carolina, an imprint and lifestyle brand focused on house, techno, and UKG. The first release is a sprawling compilation from a wide assortment of artists due for release on the 13th of November next month. This track was our pick of the lot. 

Listen below: