Premiere: John Heckle – Wet Noises – Midnight Shift


Get your foot on the accelerator and set your body to pumping mode. Other than the fact that your car will start moving in a motion not unlike that of a less-than-intelligent cow, you'll be in the right place to get this new selection of sonic belters from John Heckle into your ears.

Set for release via Midnight Shift on 8th June, we're bringing you the title track which opens up Heckle's Wet Noises triplet of tunes. This particular element is a no frills affair that's more banging than a circus cannon. It'll feel like you're on a caffeine rush in the middle of the day and that the only way to calm yourself is with MORE CAFFEINE. 

Go on, get this down your throat… I mean your ears;

Wet Noises is out on 8th June via Midnight Shift.