Premiere: Joe Europe – Wasted On You (Falk)


Well wold you lookee here? It seems as though Audio Love's very own Joe Europe has gone and put together some brand new sounds for your amusement. It's safe to say that any time spent listening to Senor Europa will not be wasted in the slightest because, as you should all know rather well indeed by now, he has some mighty fine tastes when it comes to everything aural.

This latest release is set to hit your ears through a more shelf-based route on 14th September, courtesy of Falk, but for now we're more than happy to be treating your ears to a selection of sounds that'll get you going so much that you'll need a good old fashioned lie down afterwards.

Open up your ears, here comes Joe Europe;

Wasted On You is out on 14th September via Falk.