Premiere: Javonntte- Jazzpianodance


There was a busy house that evening as the lights began to dim amidst the old dirty bar, this place was the stuff of legends. An old fashioned bar with a rich heritage and a story or two to tell. In the corner there was an old piano which was played from time to time by a drunken reveller who'd had one too many. The luxurious old instrument had once been a jazz musicians dream but now it had fallen into disrepair and would take more than a fine tune to play one. Soon the drunken crew would begin to dance to the old time jams which echoed in the murky hall, the night was young but they were not and it might be there last. 

Waella's Choice are set to release a new four track EP by Javonntte, this is a delicate broken beat cut which sits perfectly for the hazy summer city nights which await around the corner. Listen below: