Premiere: Javi Redondo – Mark 211


The road was calm and quiet, those who inhabited the surroundings rarely saw much new life pass through here. Bordered by perfectly symmetrical tall trees, the dust track stretched far into the distance, with no destination in sight. He perched on the side of the road, tapping the curb with the tips of his fingers to make sure he didn’t drift off. With every slight sound he jolted up to his feet, but for hours he waited and nothing passed. As he was about to admit defeat, the rev of an engine sounded further up the road, slowly gaining closer and closer. Now to sweet talk his way into getting a lift…

Parisian label Motordiscs, a continuation of the late Garage club in the capital, offer up their third release, another V/A spotlighting former DJs and artists who’ve played at the space. Following previous track contributions from the likes of Sascha Funke, Khidja, Zombies in Miami and Massimiliano Pagliara, their newest release brings together tracks from The Juan MacLean, Fairmont, Naduve and our pick from Javi Redondo, who notches the energy levels up through revving synth lines and dynamic percussion.