Premiere: Jacques Satre – Metalarma


A sign hung across the door, its thick black lettering read ‘CLOSED’. For months and months, spaces in towns and cities had become empty and disused. Abandoned but not through choice, only through necessity. Survival is paramount before these spaces fall between the cracks or are lost amongst the noise. Take some time to listen, take a moment to act.

The idea to anchor the history of Marseille’s Metaphore Collectif had been in the team’s mind for some time, but when the pandemic hit and forced the collective’s club and studio META to close, in an effort to save this space they’ve enlisted the help of artists close to META to contribute to a compilation. Almost everyone they contacted got involved, resulting in a mammoth compilation of 64 tracks from artists like OKO DJ, Nick Klein, Simo Cell and Jacques Satre, celebrating the genres and sounds that META have consistently pushed at their free parties.

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