Premiere: Jacques Renault – Fromage A Trois (Force Of Nature Remix)


The idea of a 'Fromage À Trois' is a rather enticing one – both cheese and the number three are very well liked here at R$N Towers and, while we're totally sure that this phrase can have absolutely no other meaning whatsoever, the idea of three cheeses being presented to us in one, fell, aural swoop is something that has us foaming at the mouths.

Unfortunately on this occasion there's no cheese being wafter under our noses and so instead we'll have to make do with an absolute corker of a remix from Force Of Nature of the latest sounds from Jacques Renault. Let your ears be treated to a fine slice of something finer than stilton and more edible than edam. This is a right bit of you;

Silver Machines is out on 23rd October via Public Release.