Premiere: Jabru – Jay Walk Ft.Tk-421 (Today, Tomorrow Records)


Who would ever want to be a boxer? Whether you're a lightweight, heavyweight or one of those other weights that frankly no-one outside of the sporting world understands your job is essentially to be punched repeatedly in the face. Of course, that's only if you're not the great fighter in your category as if you're able to avoid getting punched when there are so many fists flying at your face then you're probably pretty agile.

Athleticism doesn't come easy at R$N Towers so we'd only be able to get a few jabs in. On the subject of jabs, we've got some ace new sounds from Jabru to share with you as his Say To My Soul EP drops today on T. Williams' Today, Tomorrow Records. Here's an absolute corker of a track to get you excited about the release;

Say To My Soul is out now on Today, Tomorrow Records.