Premiere Inn – Round Up 28.9.15



In a modern world where everything seems to be about fast-paced business and instant satisfaction, sometimes all you really want to do is slow things right down and take in every last detail of the world that surrounds you. Once you take your foot off of the virtual accelerator and start to soak in every last inch of what makes up this stunning world, you'll realise that there's far more to life than just your daily grind.

If you're serious about really slowing things down then the first thing you should do is let the bpm drop and tune in to the latest sounds from Patrick Chardronnet as they truly are the right thing you need to get this new, slower-paced life started. Here come the new sounds, flying at you at tortoise speed;

Wobbler is out now via Audiomatique.


If your Sunday nights have, like ours, been taken over by the televising of This Is England '90 for the past few weeks then there's a good chance that this is actually the second time you'll have heard this track as it featured on last night's episode in the scene where… Alright, we're not going to post any spoilers in here, promise, but we are going to give you the chance to listen to this beauty from Evangelist which popped up in last night's soundtrack.

The track is centred around the late Gavin Clark who tragically passed away earlier this year – fans of This Is England may well already be familiar with Clark's voice as his desolate cover of The Smith’s Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want plays over the credits of the original film. After Gavin's death, his friends and collaborators Pablo Clements and James Griffith – currently Toydrum, as well as being ex-UNKLE and Psychonauts – promised that they would carry out their Evangelist project in tribute and the record will be hitting the shelves in December, featuring contributions from Warren Ellis of Bad Seeds/Grinderman and composer Ludovico Eunaldi.

Here's your first taste of what to expect – time for the emotions to start flowing;

Evangelist is out on 11th December via Underscore Collective – pre-order your copy here.


The perfect embrace is one that's not too tight yet doesn't make you feel as though the other person is only doing it out of courtesy. The strive of human-kind to strike the balance between making the receiver of the aforementioned embrace feel the perfect combination of bear-like tightness and kitten-level tenderness is something that scientists will never quite be able to figure out. Let's hope we're proved wrong on that one as we could all do with a perfect embrace every now and again.

We've got a nice and firm embrace for your ears right now though, coming at you thick and fast in the form of some brand new belting sounds from Secluded (aka Glaswegian producer Hans Bouffmyhre of Soma Records), taken from his new moniker's debut album Distant Memories, due out on October 12th via his eponymous new imprint. Tune in right here and give your lugs the lovin' they deserve;

Distant Memories is out on 12th October via SECLUDED.

Brown Irvin – Tone (Motion Ward)

Have you ever found yourself confronted with the eternally annoying phrase 'it's not what you said, it's how you said it' flying into your face from a loved one? There's not quite any right way of dealing with these words, the only way to fix this sort of situation cropping up with worrying regularity is by adjusting your tone. 

We all know how crucial tone can be in the sounds we hear when it comes to mixes and the like but few of us give enough time to consider the implications of tone in every last word we say. We'd all get along plenty better if everyone had such a good sense of 'Tone' as Brown Irvin does. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how it's done;

Tone/Bay Fog is out on 27th October via Motion Ward.

Lizards – Glamour Catty (Join Our Club)

The idea of dressing up a cat in a dress, heels and the like may seem a ridiculous one yet it does still seem like something that a certain (albeit small) percentage of the population may well do on a regular basis. While there are those of us here at R$N Towers that may have an overt fondness for our feline friends, we can safely say that we are above such ludicrous behaviour.


But why are we rambling on about glamourous cats? Well that'll probably be because the new release from Lizards – the new project from Lee Forster and James Hadfield – is called Glamour Catty and we're here to give you your first taste of the new sounds a couple of weeks before they drop. Tune yourself in to this kitten-y goodness;

Glamour Catty is out on 12th October via Join Our Club.

Aboutface – The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding

Faces are a peculiar thing, when you spend an hour or two of your life thinking about it. While we all have fairly similar bodies, on the mostpart, our faces are where the differences really show and there's more going on with our facial characteristics than any other part of our bodies. Faces are what we use to show every last little detail of our life – whether that be in the form of crow's feet, laughter lines or the fact that we had spaghetti bolognese for dinner last night.

That's why we reckon Aboutface is on to something good. Well, that and the fact that he's making some cracking music and we're very happy indeed to be bringing this new one from him your way. He's even been so kind as to share some words with us and describe his sound for you;

"My artist name is Aboutface, I'm a sound-artist, phonographist, sound-designer, painter and occasionally a musician. Using my name, this is how I would [currently] describe my 'sound' for the EP and upcoming album; for some entires I have included some formative musical influences to paint the picture an alternative way.

Atmosphere; the environment and all sound as music.

Boulez Concrète.

Open to the influence of non-western music.

Unconventional methods of music expression or creating modes.

Terry Riley.

For cold frosty mornings.

Atonal and tonal; utilising the spectrum of all harmony.

Conceptual – the nucleus of all my work is a feeling, message or an interpretation of environment.

Emotive – The conveyance of this feeling, message or interpretation of environment through tonality, dynamics and a sense of narrative."

Get a big ol' grin plastered on your face;

The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding is out on 19th October via Dark Matters.

TLIM SHUG – Sector B (Echovolt)

When we heard that TLIM SHUG was actually a 19-year-old from California, we started to question our own choices and wondered if immortality was in fact a viable option. There's more than enough in life for us to want to do and, perhaps, enough time to do most of it in yet we all seem to get sidetracked by one thing or another. However, it seems as though this youngster knows exactly what he wants and is determined to go out and get it.

Dwelling in cassette tape sounds, 303 drums, and thick pads, this new aural voyeur brings enough atmosphere to fill several stadiums and it seems as though the future of electronic music might be a bright one if it's left to people like this. Give these new sounds a listen and let yourself be filled with hope for the future;

Surf Dude is out now via Echovolt Records.

Samuel Andrè Madsen – Metanoia

If paranoia wasn't bad enough, it seems as though we now have to worry about Metanoia as well. Actually, in all honesty, we're not too word about Metanoia as – despite what terrifying things your brain may construct this concept to be, it's actually an enjoyable piece of music that's primed and ready to enter your ears and bring sweet joy into your life.

Yes, it isn't actually something to be worried about at all but it is in fact the latest track from Samuel Andre Madsen's Quest For The Lost Lamb release and we're very delighted to be sharing it with you right here. Don't be afraid, let this take care of your ears for a little while; 

Quest For The Lost Lamb is out now via Growin Music.

Oliver Bernstein – Fathersong (siggatunez Remix)

Despite their hideous dancing and horrendous humour, dads aren't always the worst. If you're a character in a film or TV show then, sure, you've probably got plenty to worry about but in reality you could do plenty of worse things than give your dad a little love. However, we've got absolutely no idea whether or not Oliver Bernstein had his own father in mind when creating 'Fathersong' – this was just a way for all of us here at R$N Towers to say sorry for forgetting about Father's Day this year. It's only a few months late, right?

Mr Bernstein's original set of sounds have been twisted around and turned upside-down by siggatunez to form this ace remix and we're looking forward to you delving into it and giving your ears a well-earned treat. Go on, you know you want to;

Franko Connection is out on 2nd October on vinyl via Laubenpiepers Finest.

STL – Wrong (Mutual Friend Recordings)

Ever heard someone use the phrase 'it feels so good, it must be wrong', or similarly written phrases? Why can't we live in a world where, when we experience something excellent, we feel very right about it and there's not a drop of guilt in our veins. That being said, the things that we seem to enjoy most in this world always seem to be bad for us – whether this be sweets, alcohol or rubbing the belly of a stranger's cat.

One more thing to add to the list of things that are wrong but feel oh so right is 'Wrong', yep, the new sounds from mysterious hardware tinkerer Stephan 'STL' Laubner. Delve into these sounds, safe in the knowledge that they'll be doing nothing wrong to your mind, body or soul – this feels good and is very right indeed;

Listen Up! is out on 5th October via Mutual Friend Recordings.

Tender Games – Nimbus

The notion of playing some Tender Games is an exciting one – whether what you're expecting is a selection of activities that would make you blush if you saw them or spoke about them in front of any relatives OR if you're ready and waiting to receive some new sounds from Ulrich Harrison and Marlon Hoffstadt, a.k.a Tender Games.

While the pair may not quite be able to help you out with the first of these propositions – though we're not saying it's a definite no – they can absolutely thrill your ears and make your eyes open wide as if you've been startled by something rather magical indeed. So, whether you're excited or just a little bit nervous, we're ready to play some Tender Games;

Notion is out now via Suol.

Jacques Renault – Fromage À Trois (Force Of Nature Remix)

The idea of a 'Fromage À Trois' is a rather enticing one – both cheese and the number three are very well liked here at R$N Towers and, while we're totally sure that this phrase can have absolutely no other meaning whatsoever, the idea of three cheeses being presented to us in one, fell, aural swoop is something that has us foaming at the mouths.

Unfortunately on this occasion there's no cheese being wafter under our noses and so instead we'll have to make do with an absolute corker of a remix from Force Of Nature of the latest sounds from Jacques Renault. Let your ears be treated to a fine slice of something finer than stilton and more edible than edam. This is a right bit of you;

Silver Machines is out on 23rd October via Public Release.


Press play on Chiquita and a guarantee you'll check your phone within a minute. Mysterious Madrid-based producer Bawrut has laced his acid-flecked carnival house with the single most irritating sound of all time – a mobile phone interfering with a speaker – and somehow turned it into a whole new piece of percussion. It's the kind of novelty house music was built on and elevates Chiquita from an acid stomper to something genuinely weird. It's no surprise that Jackmaster and JD Twitch have been early supporters… Head over to the Silencio bandcamp to grab yourself a copy.

If you want more of that Bawrut goodness, check out his monthly Club Silencio mixtape – here's the latest instalment;


Over here at R$N Towers we're happy to endorse any kind of love – whether that be between a man and a woman, two people of the same gender or even someone that's got a bit of a penchant for machines. Yes, that's right, we're proud to say that we whole-heartedly support Electrolove. Why? Well, for starters, there are things that a machine can do for a person that would blow your mind all the way to the moon – these sort of feats are just not possible for another human being to accomplish. As far as we know, anyway.

So what would be the ideal soundtrack for a spell of electrolove? Well it goes without saying that Dr Lektroluv would have to be at the controls and we reckon his new track 'Belgiant' is the perfect thing to listen to as man and machine make something that the Westboro Baptist Church would probably not be the biggest fans of. So turn the lights down low and let the sounds of Dr Lektroluv set the mood;

Through The Night is out now via Lektroluv Records.


How is it fair that Italians get to be so good at so many things? We all know that the greatest food in the world comes from their fair shores, some of the greatest footballers of all time have worn their famous blue shirts and don't even get me started on Pavarotti. And yet we're supposed to just sit back and take it when they start conquering our ears with sounds such as this new beauty from Margot?

While we sit here with our mountains of teabags and fish and chips wrapped up in newspapers we could be feeling sorry for ourselves as though we lost out on the location lottery. However, rather than moping around we're just going to fill our ears with 'Er Suonone' as Margot take over our ears and lead us to a better place. Sure, we might not quite be as cultured as the Italians but we do know how to listen to music pretty darn well. All you have to do is click play…

Er Suonone is out on 5th October via Laterra Recordings.


If you could send an animal out into space, which animal would you choose? Rather than going with the tried and tested method of sending out dogs, monkeys and lizards, we reckon it would be a right bit of fun to travel out into the ether with a horse as your companion. Once all the kicking, screaming and whinnying stops, the two of you could have a lot of fun together and, who knows, you might just be the first person to ride a horse on the moon.

Make sure that it doesn't gallop though – we're not entirely sure how the gravity on the moon works but you don't want to be stranded in deep space with your horsey companion. Anyway, enough of that, we've got an ace new track from Elliott Thomas that's flown in all the way across the pond to be here with us today. Get this in your ears and give it the love it truly deserves;

AWIM is out on 5th October via Voyeurhythm Records.