Premiere Inn: Round Up 26.08.16


PREMIERE: Gameboyz – Of The Wall (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)

He looked in the mirror, he barely recognised the pale pastiche of his glory days. Tired now, and paranoid from any attention, he waited on his Italian friend to come and visit him, locked in solace and marooned in his suite. When he called he was thrilled, when he came, all things changed. He was another man, the one his family wanted back, and slowly he wanted to slide backwards to the times when all was clearer.

Spanish trio Gameboyz have been naggingly insistent over the past few years, hard working hermanos plugging away and delivering fine EPs, remixes and parties. Ahead of their debut album they file a Sprechen outing, here with a tough but intriguing remix from Fabrizio Mammarella. Simple bouncing two-note bassline, spacey rewinds and hi-hats proud as owt, and a 'working it' acid signature that licks when you need it to.


Gameboyz – Of The Wall EP is released by Sprechen on 29th August 2016 and can be found HERE. Follow Gameboyz on Facebook HERE.

PREMIERE: Curses – There And Back (Ian Blevins Remix)

Did you really imagine that this eight hour rail trip would end any differently? You had tried to reason with him, calling late at night, with nothing but anger at retribution thrown at you in the dark hours. You need to see sense my friend, time has marched on and the cards have been twisted, not stuck. You are killing yourself with this jealousy, this in no longer just lost love. You are playing games with both of them, and this journey will only end one way. Take it from me, and look at what that venom did to my life. It is shattered.

Luca Venezia returns as Curses on his own imprint Safer At Night, and on this track gets Ian Blevins (ESP Institute) on the remix. Dark, dubby and machine driven, it's ghostly vibe has a supernatural riff pinning the sampled vox. Slow-motion horror dance that broods and progresses throughout, but the structure has an eerily celebratory pattern. The darkness is overcome.

Curses – Death Of Fear EP is released by Safer At Night on 2nd September 2016. Follow Curses on Facebook for further details.

Photo credit: Max Dorsogna.

PREMIERE: Jacob Korn – Thru The Eye

Often we here at Ransom Note enjoy writing a limerick or tale to introduce an exciting new piece of music we like through our website. However, in this circumstance the track in question features its own bizarre story. Some of which we understand, some of which we don't. Full of wit, humour and obscurity it is far better than anything which we behind the scenes could come up with or develop. It's sure as hell time to get weird and wonderful on this one. 

Jacob Korn returns with an illustrious EP on Uncanny Valley. This one incorporates charm, bizarre lyrical content, kick drums, melodic twists and is quite possibly one of the most intriguing releases to surface this summer. Listen Here: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: My Panda Shall Fly – Smiley

The grin upon his crusty face was ominous and eerie. He looked down upon those who had followed him this far, waved his right hand into the air and screamed emphatically at his minions below. The crowd cheered gleefuly back, they worshiped him now, more so than ever before. He beamed a big smiley glow down upon them and he knew very well that they sat in the palm of his hand. they were his for the taking. Now, he would go wild and run the empire into the damn ground. 

My Panda Shall Fly features as part of a new compilation from the Gang Of Ducks camp in celebration of the label's third anniversary. The release also features the likes of S Olbricht and Ital and comes with a specially designed poster. Listen to 'Smiley' from the release below: 

The release is expected to land on the 26th this month HERE

PREMIERE: Region – Borders (Basic Soul Unit Remix)

Borders are the defining element of any relationship. Countries have borders, people have borders, we all need space. However, the issue with borders is that they limit interconnectivity, they break us down, isolating us so that we become strangers to each other and ourselves. It's time to break free from those borders which define us so fiercely, dance in one anothers shoes and move forwards with a new found sense of purpose and realism. 

Basic Soul Unit appears on the latest release from Jaunt Records as he steps up to remix the work of Region. He edits "Borders" on the forthcoming EP. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Maya Danon – Mad Hatter (Autarkic Remix)

Working harder and faster and sweating and grinning, the milliner stitched and brushed and shaped. He and his friend were happy to sense the fumes of madness. The striking and shifting silver liquid contained and captured itself as it dripped and dropped it's fumes, and enflamed their brain and their dreams. "Keep working!", his friend shouted. "More to come!", he hollered in the empty, darkened workshop. He studied his watch, and questioned what day of the month it was.

After 10 years on the Tel Aviv experimental scene, Maya Danon is releasing her first full EP on Relish. On this remix, fellow countryman Autarkic continues his ascent of 2016. Gated percussion and cowbell driven, the Eastern promises are built around delayed and de-scaled trigger riffs. Growing with each 808 layer, the passionate and insanely demanding vox lead to a break where the funk gets flavour and the place gets smashed up royal. Wobbly skewed kewl. 

Maya Danon – Mad Hatter EP is released by Relish on 26th August 2016. This remix is available NOW.

PREMIERE: The Butcha – 99 Prince St. (Matrixxman Transhuman Mix)

The hood was a riot, the place a mess, people ran amidst chaos, wide scale civil unrest. Down deep on ninety nine Prince Street the gangs were preparing for a fight, they'd gathered their best clubs, bats and would bring their hustle to the table. They'd show them who was boss, nobody messed with Prince Street. For those who chose to venture past ninety nine they would soon find out what was buried beneath the greasy suburbs, they'd soon find trouble.

The Butcha delivers a hard cutting EP on Cuttin' Headz. However, Matrixxman steps up to deliver a coarser cut as he warps the original into his very own 'Transhuman' mix. Listen to his impression of '99 Prince St.' below:

Follow Cuttin' Headz on Facebook HERE

PREMIERE: The Cyclist – Born In '92

Back in the day, when the warehouse was full, and the kids had fun, they would dance all night long. Nobody came to fight, to cause trouble, to hate, or cause beef. The crowds simply came to move their feet back in 92'. Not like now that is, where the dance was tense, heated and fearful. Girls cried as boys fought in the corner of the yard outside, and the music had lost its feeling. Lets bring it back now, back to those good old days: in 92' things were better. 

The Cyclist attempts to recreate an element of that old school feeling on a new EP for Hypercolour. "Born in 92'" is a much welcome trip back down memory lane. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Jordan – Coup De Grace

The glow of the evening hung hazily in the air. As he stared out through the windscreen into the vast nothingness before him he pondered how it had all come to this. Here and now there was little left but the gracious automobile inside which he sat. Soon he would drive forwards towards the edge of the cliff face, hurtiling pacily the car would imploade upon impact with the ground leaving nothing but the trace of a life lost and an empty metallic shell. It would be beautiful. 

Tiga continues to release progressive, driven music on Turbo. However, having recently launched the sub label Twin Turbo he has attempted to explore the darker, aggressive undertones of dance music in more depth. Up next on the label is Jordan, a key player amongst Northern Ireland's burgeoning techno scene. Listen to "Coup De Grace" below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Ethyl & Flori – Lacewing

The bats would fly high up above the great mountain peaks. At night they would emerge from the depths of the jungle far down below and soar wildly and gracefully. Their wings black and delicate like lace would allow them to float and gaze down upon the turning world below. They knew not of the troubles upon this earth. They lived a simple life, blissfully undisturbed by the troubles of the globe around them. They would simply fly and fly and fly. 

Ethyl & Flori are beginning to gather momentum as they demonstrate their ability to make finely tuned house and techno as part of a split EP with Our Mutual Friend. Realeased on "Mutual Friend Recordings" their track 'Lacewing' leads up the EP. Listen below:

Buy the release HERE


The obsessive fantasies would never leave his twisted mind. He could not end the cyle and break free from this overwhelming feeling of love. He was held captive under her spell and his mind became full of her every action, her every move. He was perplexed by the very notion that he might have finally fallen in love. He had not planned for this, he had not wanted this, but now such an overwhelming state of limerence had encompassed all of his capabilities. He was gone. 

Aos is an inspired producer emerging from Seattle. Her sound is deep, intricate and dreamy. Her upcoming release is forthcoming on Blackstairs, listen to "Limerence" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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