Premiere Inn: Round Up 26.02.16


Ryoma Takemasa – Deepn' (The Backwoods Remix – I Robots Reconstruction)

Hiding deep in the greener slopes off Fuji, a lone Oberheim rattles and snares in syncopation with the memories of it's time in Eighties Northern England. That was decades back, and stood rooted between the wistful, silent bark was the spectre of Anthony. Still excited at the delirious electronic rhythms that his birthday gift had given the previously maudling quartet, and despite the distance from Hulme to Mount Haku, everytime he saw them falling, even now, he got down on his knees and prayed.

To these ears, a BLT is two wonderful things, and I-Robot's reconstructed remix reveals a wonderful reminiscence with the favoured one here. Retro drumming, whispered sampling, it could easily have been a collectors B-side to a Factory classic. And just after H.'s birthday weekend too. 

Various Artists – I-Robots "The Nippon EP" is released on 7th March 2016 on Opilec Music.

Los Lopez – Come Over (Bird Of Paradise Remix)

Always busy with his binoculars, Jo remembered being told by his mam that no good would come of it. Beattie cried, "He gets an ology and he says he's failed. You get an ology you're a scientist…" Leaving his feathered friends to one side (having filled their feeders from Wilko's finest pound finds), he looked across the block-by-block tenament at the fun Al and Marco were having poolside. He had dabbled in other sciences, chemistry mainly, and he wondered if his acid re-take would garner interest from the vertiguous party being held across the communal spaces. He fiddled with his knobs, gaining respect from those that twitched their drapes. Noisy guitar buggers, he echoed his kick and kept the resonance of the residential area periodically refined.

Kezokichi Miyazaki's label comes into it's fourth single release and has a low-strung guitar feel and a "chug noir" direction that is currently de rigeur. This cut by Jo Howard AKA Bird Of Paradise takes the six strings, and sticks it up Roland's 'arris for an understated acid under-the-skin crawler.

Los Lopez – True Story is released by Blindetonation on 25th March 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE

Mondowski – Klub Psycho

From the darkened alcoves of 'Mode', a young man emerges from the half-lights, magnetised by the metallic rebounding synths. Examining the dancefloor and targetting some space, his intense looks are often misinterpreted as menacing. His nickname an unfair testimony to that passionate glare. As the steely stabs meld into something distinctly more sinuous, his thousand yard stare is one formed from a passionate past, not a disturbing skeleton hanging in his grubby clubbing closet. Taking up presence on the sticky floor, his softly muttered exclamations alarm those believing the in-house myth. Deep inside it is just a fond connection with his youthful advances into the dark night life, and he ignores the safety zone being created around him and puts his own claps and hats into the production in his past.

Mondowski's latest release on Relish sees him share more of his love for moody 80's synth acts and imbues it with a seedy and hazy indie club atmosphere. There's two original cuts from the man, and the package also features The Hacker and Joe Spurgeon on remixes.

Mondowski – Klub Psycho EP is out on Relish on 11th March and can be pre-ordered HERE. Photo credit – Jordi Rodriguez.

El_Txef_A – Mugarrirantz feat. Napoka Iria (Dave DK Remix)

The island of Mugarrirantz sat perched above the bright blue water. The waves rolled softly against it's golden sandy beaches and the glimmer of green palm trees shone under the light of the startling sunlight. A boat approached in the morning breeze, the white sails floating dreamily as it rode above the waves. A beautiful woman stood on the pier awaiting the return of her man, he had been gone for so so long but finally he was now home at last. 

Back in 2014 El_Txef_A released an album for Fiakun titled "We Walked Home Together". Since then there has been several remixed versions of tracks from the album with artists such as The Black Madonna, Lake People and more. The latest EP features remixes from Damian Schwartz, Reinhard Voigt and Dave DK. Listen to the Dave DK mix below:

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Ichisan & Nacova – Princesa

The elegance of the Arabian night took her by surprise as she strolled through the shadowy gardens by the palace walls. One day she hoped that she could break free from the boundaries and the constrictions of the emperor's rule. She had been his princesa for far too long and now she longed to run through the hills with simpletons and dance to the chimes and strums of guitars and piano's amidst the drums and the green grasses of a place so far away. 

Ichisan & Nacova are the latest to feature on the ever intriguing Cosmic Pint Glass label, which is still a great name for a label by the way. The EP features remixes from Ruf Dug and recent Ransom Note favourite upcomer Jonathan Krisp. Listen Below: 

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Ashworth – Nine (Dorisburg Remix)

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. The deadly number, the hotline of emergency buzzed and rung all night long in that tiny room. It was his job to answer, the need was great and the burden of the task weighed heavy on his mind. He musn't fall asleep now though his eyes had began to lose focus. The phone kept ringing and ringing. In the distance the sirens roared through the midnight streets and the lights flashed, but he was far away from that, he was on the other end of the line. Nine, Nine, Nine. 

Needwant have announced a remix EP of Ashworth's 'Grain'. Dorisburg, one half of Genius of Time, is the first to step up to remix duties and establishes a track which balances soft percussion with clattering drum stabs. Listen Below: 

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Fairmont – Onyx (Samuel Berdah Remix)

Clawing out from the painstaking work, shattered nails and calloused fingertips, glimpsing swiftly in this glaring sunshine. The tremulous heat rose higher as the sun god took throne herself in this daily shadowplay. Precious labour for those dissenting captives – a vanishing point of sanctitude. The dream of smuggling such fine nature away, from those who's mentored mirage was just a play to steal the gems away. As Ra herself was eclipsed by the monument, it was safe to rush away from all. The hieroglyphics were on the wall. The gameplay was perfect.

A cut from the new Days Of Being Wild release sees Monsieur Berdah stutter up Fairmont's odyssey. Adding to the echoing Egyptian mysticism, arps protracted from the tombs, the release has two original cuts and a further remix by Heretic. 

Fairmont – Obsidian/ Onyx EP is released 7th March 2016 on Days Of Being Wild and available HERE.

Jamie Blanco – Future Games (Toby Tobias Stripped Mix)

The games lay ahead of them all. The competitors lined up at their stations awaiting the sound of the gun. Those days of the past had lingered with them for far too long and the only direction they were now prepared to travel in was forward. They had energy, and courage on their side now, it was time to beat the games, trials and strategy of those who had been keeping them down for so long. Welcome to the future, they had arrived. 

London Housing Trust are one of those labels that represent the UK music culture in a very positive manner. There is little hype, little fuss, just a stream of solid music from sound artists with likeminded taste. The latest release features tracks from Hugh Mane, Alphonse and more. Here is the Toby Tobias remix of Jamie Blanco. Listen Below: 

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