Premiere Inn – Round Up 19.10.15


Fernando – Ride On (DJ Nature Remix)

Though whenever you pass something interesting on the side of the rode as you ride your horse down the motorway there's an urge to slow right down and give it a good rubber-neck, the very best thing you can do is 'Ride On'. Why? Well, for starters it means that those cars behind you won't be quite as frustrated as they might otherwise be and there's always the risk that you'll have an accident yourself if you're not looking where you're going.

However, our main reason for this advice would be because we've become obsessed with DJ Nature's remix of these new sounds from Fernando which just happen to be called ride on 'Ride On'. Tune yourself in to this delightful aural treating and keep on moseying down that road;

Half Decade is out on 24th October via Futureboogie Recordings.

DJ Nature plays Big Wave this Halloween 31st October at Pickle Factory, London. Details and tickets here.

Rodion – Medusa (Alien Alien Caribbean Dub)

The idea of Medusa being able to turn a man, or indeed woman, to stone is a rather terrifying one. With just one ghastly look this hideous woman can rip every last drop of soul out of your body and leave you feeling as cold as an elephant taking his gap year in Antarctica.

But fear not, this is no such Medusa. No, this 'Medusa' will have you feeling all kids of Caribbean head as the dubby sounds from Rodion give your ears that well-deserved holiday. Coming it at a mammoth ten minutes, these sounds will have you floating on air as your mind drifts to a warmer place. Settle yourself down and prepare to give your ears the holiday they deserve;

Medusa Dub is out on 23rd October via ROCCODISCO.

Lord Of The Isles – Clearness Of Love (Permanent Vacation)

We've been told many times that it's possible to see clearly once the rain has gone yet, while the sun may be a valuable ally, it can't do quite as much for clearing everything up for you as the feeling of love can. Love can open doors, help you cross bridges and, so we're told, it's all you need. It brings with it a level of clarity that'll make you feel as though you've been colourblind your whole life, leading right up until the moment true love crosses your path.

Or some nonsense like that anyway, we've just been reading too many romance novels here at R$N Towers. What we do know, however, is that this new little ripper from Lord Of The Isles should get a nice comfy spot in your ears. Give it the love it so rightfully deserves and let it clear your mind right out;

Clearness Of Love is out on 23rd October via Permanent Vacation.

Modulearth – Slowness (Apparel Music)

Enter a world of serenity, where there are no buses trundling past your window, no building site just outside your door and no need for the constraints of tight-fitting clothing – though you should probably put your pants back on. This is a world where everything slows right down and you can begin to appreciate the tiniest of details, no matter how insignificant they may have previously seemed.

This is exactly the sort of luxury you can afford yourself as you sink into these brand new sounds from Modulearth. 'Slowness' allows you to just take a deep breath and relax for what feels like the first time in years. Block out some time in your day to take this in and you'll feel more refreshed than ever before;

Blue Note is out on 26th October via Apparel Music.

Lydmor & Bon Homme – Dream Of Fire (Johannes Brecht Remix)

While some of us may dream of those we are attracted to, the foods we long to eat or about whatever may be happening in our daily lives, some people must inevitably dream of fire. We're not suggesting that these people are arsonists, strictly for legal reasons, but it does seem like it would be strange to be confronted by flames every time you closed your eyes. Surely this would lead to some kind of mental unrest and you definitely couldn't be blamed if you tried to then set fire to your sister's hamster, right?

Moving swiftly on, Lydmor & Bon Homme's 'Dream Of Fire' has been taken on by Snack and Neville Attree as part of a remix EP release. While these two version are indeed ace, we're infatuated with the Johannes Brecht remix that kicks off the EP are we're delighted to share it with you right here. Prepare yourself for the flames;

Dream Of Fire Remixes is out on 23rd October via Hafendisko.

Denney – On & On (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix)

We all know those sort of people that go on and on endlessly, unable to sense the vibe of the room has changed to a general feeling of disdain or disinterest. In any social situation it's key to know exactly when you should stop talking and let someone else step in, yet some people still seem incapable of doing this. Maybe you should start carrying a handy sign with you to parties, just so that you can let them know without having to blurt out 'WILL YOU BE QUIET MICHAEL?' in front of everyone.

To the matter at hand then and there's a tasty remix from this week's Guest Editor Justin Robertson for you to wrap your ears around. Get ready for him to put his own spin on the latest sounds from Denney, resulting in a finished product that truly brings out the best of both of their sounds. Tune yourself in right here;

On & On is out on 30th October via VIVa MUSIC.

Kito Jempere — Typewriter (Ptaki Remix)

Though typing away at a laptop may be much easier, there's a nostalgic element hidden deep within all of us who work with words that remembers typewriters with a fondness. Whether it's due to that typewriter song that we were subjected to as children or simply the pleasure of the noises each key made, and that beautiful 'ding' at the end of the line, you just can't beat a good old fashioned writing machine. They're the bees knees.

It looks as though Kito Jempere might just agree with us here as the name used for his most recent release is that of our favourite writing device. The version you're about to hear below is the Ptaki remix and you'll be sure to like it because we absolutely love it. Go on, give it a spin. Oh, and this is a free download so feel free to take it home with you;

Objects Remixes is out now via Fata Morgana. See Ptaki at Commune's party at Dance Tunnel on 23rd October – find out more here.

Eyes Of Others – Never Complain

Some people waste all their days complaining about the smallest things that don't matter, even in the short-term. If the biggest problems in your life are that you've run out of deodorant or you've only got one slice of bread left, you're doing alright. There's no point in complaining about anything – if something truly does grind your gears then you should get out there and actually do something about it, rather than pulling your neck back into your shell and grumbling to yourself.

Scottish music fiend Eyes Of Others seems to have a rather similar idea as he's gone so far as to call this latest beauty 'Never Complain'. He's got an EP on the way at the start of next month but you won't be finding this on it. No, this one's a Ransom Note exclusive so don't miss this chance to get it down you;

Never Complain is out on now via FRFR.

Faune – Untitled VII (Soundscape Versions)

What's in a name? Surely the moniker by which you go about your daily business has no real bearing on the way you go about your tasks and the way that people treat you, right? But people still have that annoying habit of saying 'you look like a Keith', or any other name. There's no reason that that statement should EVER be said as it's clearly a load of nonsense by people who like to make up fantasies in their own heads.

But we digress, there's good music to be had and it comes from a cracking release from Soundscape Versions. They've roped in a few artists for their next outing and the one we're most excited about is Faune. Listen on as 'Untitled VII' tickles your ear drums just as well as it would do if it went by other name – the release is only available in a 600 edition run on vinyl so you best act sharpish;

sver01 is out on 29th October via Soundscape Versions.

Konstantin Olias – T.I.N.M.W

The letters of the alphabet do a very testing job but never quite seem to receive the praise that they deserve. Every single one of us uses them in all manner of ways on a daily basis but we never stop what we're doing just to say 'thank you h for being so great'. This is an injustice that has gone on for too long and it would be great if, at the end of every day, we give thanks to those letters that shape our lives.

Konstantin Olias has done his bit towards this by picking five letters to adorn the name of his latest sounds. Though we're sure this probably isn't what he meant, most of what we know about this aural host is that he's a dab hand for putting together an aural treat. Listen in as we leave your ears in his reliable company;

Hear more from Konstantin Olias here.

The Explosion – Stratus

There are many things in life that excite most of us here at R$N Towers – cats, cardigans and Tunnocks bars to name just a few – yet there's nothing in life that can quite live up to the thrill of a ruddy great explosion. BOOM! They go. BANG! They scream. FIZZLE! They do if you've got it a bit wrong. There's something wonderfully satisfying about seeing something burst apart more abruptly than you're calling the police to report us for arson or the like right now.

But we've got a different type of explosion on hand for you that'll have you hanging up the phone and plugging in your headphones. We think this new track from The Explosion is a right belter and we're very excited to be sharing it with you right here, right now. Go on, give it a good listen and put that 'pop' back into your ears;

The Explosion is out on 20th November via Versatile Records.