Premiere Inn: Round Up 17.02.17


PREMIERE: Unknown Cultures – UntitledTrackFound01

The spaces in between was where the money was made. Amidst the cracks, outsmarting the system, the power and its might. Taxation had become a plague upon this once great nation and the poor were the ones to suffer. Now they must duck and dive in order to scrape the pennies together and survive. Soon a great riot would fall, the empire would burn and the war whoops of a generation would screech out high from above. Give them money and let the whole world burn, it was time to dance. 

Unknown Cultures is a young producer based in Barcelona. He delivers an industrial inspired EP with tribal twist for Xenonyms. Listen to the first from the EP below: 

The release will be available from the 24th of February. Get it HERE


The dreamy mountains flickered in the sunlight as the plane moved slowly through the early morning sky. Up high ready meals were being served and the mutter of conversation travelled dreamily in the confines of the flying tin can. Soon they would land at yet another tropical destination but for now they simply cruised amidst the deep blue expanse. Some were scared of flying but not he, he embraced the freedom which the air offered and pondered the day in which he might be able to lead such a flight. 

LAARS is the next to release on the consistently relevant Full Pupp, the record label run by Prins Thomas and Stevie Kotey. He takes us on a journey full of cosmic madness, house and groove galore. Listen to "Lysar" below: 

Buy the release HERE.

PREMIERE: Jack Pattern – EXCOD

The code was complicated and far fetched. The green letters glimmered brightly, flashing back and forth against the blackness of the computer screen. They were simply a template, the imagination and creativity behind the madness was left to the man behind the keyboard. "EXCOD" were the next letters which he would enter into the machine, he knew not what they might influence, impact or destroy. Suddenly the lights went out in the office and an echo rang out, he was no longer alone. 

Jack Pattern returns to how on Lustpoderosa imprint with a fourth EP. This one sees him get weird, more so than before, with abstract electronics and harsh production. Wicked stuff. Listen to "EXCOD" below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: The Carry Nation – As If (Justin Cudmore)

The speech was a gimmick, a joke, a fraud. As if it would make any difference in the long run. As if they wouldn't be stood in this same spot next year listening to the old tired rhetoric which had been told time and time before. That's what politics was, is rather. Nothing had changed in decades, the wheel continued to spin and we the hamsters keep on running round and round in circles shouting to get off. One day we might finally pluck up the courage to hurl ourselves from the wheel and into the abyss, until then nothing will change. 

The Carry Nation are proteges of David Mancuso and Johnny Dynell, this month sees the pair release a new EP on Batty Bass Records. It is accompanied with some fine remixes, such as this from Justin Cudmore of The Bunker & Honey Soundsystem. Listen below: 

Follow The Carry Nation on Facebook HERE

PREMIERE: Nozz – Lost Memories I (Dionigi Mix)

I had always paid attention, made note of all that had been said and the actions they had taken. Party to all the knowledge, yet never held accountable, I had dreamed of the day that I would blow this whistle and watch their world change. How wrong I was, as now, restrained and refrained from telling the truth, those times and memories would stay lost and secret forever. They had, once again, escaped retribution.

The mysterious Nozz debuts on Madrid's Rotten City. His two track original EP also features mixes from Monoblok & PSLKTR, Sebastien Tex and our favourite from Daniele Baldelli's Cosmic collaborator, Dionigi. The motorik driven original is given a deep space astral workout, replete with spoken instructions, falling stars, reversed solar crashes and wonky keys motif. Dial 'I' for Intergalactic.

Nozz – Lost Memories EP is released by Rotten City Files on 15th February 2017 and can be found HERE.

PREMIERE: Deltawerk – Corridor (Marvin & Guy Mix)

The light at the end of the long tunnel loomed ominously in the distance. As the car proceeded to travel beneath the sea the corridor appeared to become darker and darker. The flickering glimmer of headlights was all that could be seen amidst the dust and dirt of the gloomy channel crossing. The road continued its decline beneath the waves, it was difficult to imagine that concrete was all that kept them from being swallowed by the oceans depths. Onwards they drove. 

Marvin & Guy are busy at the moment having recently announced their new EP on Permanent Vacation. The pair have also been brought in to take on remix duties for Deltawerk on a new release form Atomnation records. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Scissorwork – Walking Home

The corridor seemed endless as the bell buzzed in his ear. Leaving school was his favourite time of the day, such attention to detail in concentrated spells left him feeling numb and dry. As he walked through the wooden doors out into the daylight he could hear the sound of screams and chants from the nearby playground. He remembered the innocence of youth, back before exams, house parties and ate nights. He had never imagined himself to be a teacher, yet here he was lecturing the youth of tomorrow with the knowledge of today. Walking home he sighed. 

Scissorwork is set to release his first EP on the recently founded record label The Other Planet. He delivers four cuts of dreamy house and dusty grooves. Listen to "Walking Home" below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Ocean Inside – Sunset Shadows (Ruffy In The Jungle Version)

The glow of the dying sun cast a radiant warmth across the golden sand. In the distance she watched as the outline of a boat moved against the skyline, its sunset shadows hung heavily upon the deep blue sea. The ocean was still this evening, peaceful and calm, it always was following a storm of such stature. Damage was all around. It would take some time before the little village would recover, for now they simply sat by the shore, looking out and waiting.

Dr Banana are a mysterious collective associated with Banoffee Pies, most commonly known for selling clothes, from time to time they emerge to release a sporadic assortment of music. The second edition to be released by the label features an array of well crafted jungle. Listen to a track from Ruf Dug below:

Buy the release HERE.

PREMIERE: Spiritual Emphasi – Borealis

The Northern Lights hung ominously above the snow glazed kingdom. From the wooden hut he looked out to space, watching the distant wonders of a far away empire of which he played no part. Banished from his home planet he must now abide by the rules of earth. The borealis continued to flash up high above his head, the stars flickered and he began to cry. His cosmic destiny had vanished before his very eyes and the lights went out in the dark. 

Cosmic Rhythm are set to release a new floor filling EP from Spiritual Emphasi. The release follows on from recent appearances on the label from the likes of Rhythm of Paradise. It's all pretty new age, but brilliant as a result. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: C.A.R. – All But

As the gang marched the boulevard they cast a mean shadow upon the sidewalk. Shutters began to close fiercely up and down the high street in anticipation of violence. All but one… The saloon at the tail end of the street blared music proudly in a triumphant protest. They had opted to defend the town from the travelling troublemakers, the villainous vagabonds and terrible tyrants. Tumbleweed blew amongst the sand, and the red grains scurried in the breeze.

It is with much excitement that we are able to premiere a new track from C.A.R. The project of our close friend and writer Chloe Raunet, she needs little introduction. Listen to "All But" below:

Follow C.A.R. on Facebook HERE. Visit the C.A.R. bandcamp HERE

PREMIERE: Nocow – Dituine

The grassy hills were hidden beneath the clouds. The tinted rays cast a hazy glow upon the countryside and the trees danced amongst the wind. The forest was alive with the melodic chirps of birds and the sound of raindrops. As the water fell from the sky it landed upon the leaves scattered across the forest floor. Autumn was on its way and soon this place would be a rainbow of gold and orange, The ground crunched beneath his boots as he breathed in the crisp air. The seasons were changing. 

Noneside are set to release a four track EP which features a number of up and coming artists, Nocow being one of them. It is his track which we bring to you exclusively. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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