Premiere Inn: Round Up 13.05.16


JMII – Thrills

The ups and downs, the highs and lows, the peaks and troughs. Thrills existed everywhere, all around them. There was always more excitement to seek, more chaos to create, more drums to bang and more people to dance. The world kept on spinning, as did each track and they moved forwards together as one. 

We are very excited to be able to showcase the forthcoming JMII release from Spanish stalwarts Hivern Discs. His appearance follows on from releases on labels such as 100% Silk, Subwax and NVH. Listen to 'Thrills' from the forthcoming EP below which is due for release late this month. 

Buy the record HERE. Follow JMII on Facebook HERE.

Tom Trago – On Diamond Lane

The glittering stones lined the path forwards. On diamond lane everything was beautifully fluorescent, they shimmered in the pale moonlight. As they strolled the charismatic tones of the sky whirred above their heads. They were in paradise and the diamonds were watching from beneath their feet. It was glorious. 

Here is an exclusive premiere from the Dutch maestro Tom Trago. He has produced four tracks for Red Bull Studios in Paris which see him dabble across tones of Detroit inspired house and more. Listen below:

The Red Bull Studios Paris site HERE. Follow Tom Trago on Facebook HERE.

Karachi Files – Second Floor

In May 2015, an assortment of electronic musicians from Pakistan, the Maldives and Germany followed the footsteps of brothers Hannes and Andi Teichmann, otherwise known as Gebrüder Teichmann, the Forever South crew and the Goethe-Institut to meet in Karachi. A house was transformed into a temporary recording studio, where the multi-cultural partnership of musicians and photographers inspired each other, and took just two weeks to create their album 'Karachi Files'. The album works in a balance of electronic and acoustic experiments, with a slo-mo and raw cultural texture. The album launch is this Saturday at HAU, Berlin, as part of the From Inside to Way Out festival exploring sounds, images and perspectives from Contemporary Pakistan.

For full information on Karachi Files and the 'From Inside to Way Out' Festival look HERE.

Borusiade – Feelings of Entropy

As the sinuous bassline increases in energy, the thermal engine snaps in and kicks crisply, reverberating throughout the secret lab deep under Teutonic soil. The technician monitors the heartbeats of the curious and philanthropic volunteers, their pulses recorded as the luminous steel chamber recharges their tired souls. The dawning of a new creation, unhindered by the minutiae of the everyday, the technician rejoiced in her discovery. 

Romanian born and Berlin resident Borusiade delivers another dark, no-wave disco throbber with this track from her latest EP for Correspondant. Noiresque in tone, the half spoken/ half vocodered lyrics complement the chemically filtered sci-fi synths and clipped percussion.

Borusiade – Feelings Of Entropy EP is released by Correspondant on 13th May 2016. Take a look at the Correspondant Bandcamp HERE. Follow Borusiade on Facebook HERE.

Air – Indian Summer

Insane to think that it's been twenty years since French band Air released their debut album Moon Safari. 

To commemorate this milestone they've just announced a Twentyears anthology due out on June 10th featuring rare and unreleased tracks alongside 'the hits'. As luck would have it we've been asked to air – probably a pun intended – an exclusive long lost gem; 'Indian Summer'.  The Can-esque track was only ever available on the Japanese 4xLP limited edition of 2010's ‘Love 2’ but will finally see the light of day on this release.  

The full anthology will also encompass Air remixes for artists including David Bowie, Beck, Depeche Mode and Neneh Cherry.

For now, get your ears around Indian Summer here…

Air start a new worldwide tour on May 20th.

They stop by in the UK at Field Day on June 12th and elsewhere in many other corners of the world. 

Motorcycle Boy – Raw Disco

The late night dive bars of New York City had long since disappeared, replaced by toweblocks and skyscrapers this place had become but another zone lost to the ever growing concrete jungle. The people had to look for new places to party, new spaces, open land where the raw disco energy would be able to travel as freely as a bird in the sky. The music had the ability to move mountains, they needed the resources to roll the first stone from the cliffs above. 

Here is the latest release from the Slow Motion Records camp. Taken from Motor Cycle Boy's album 'Squalo', listen to 'Raw Disco' below:

More details on the Slow Motion site HERE.

Williams – Pinball (Fort Romeau Mix)

The whirring noise of the arcade machines echoed around the circus tent. Once a year the funfair rolled into town with its majestic red and golden tapestry leaving their mark emblazoned against the skyline of the countryside. Crowds came from far and wide to observe great wonders, beat the pinball machines and watch the artistry of performance. An epic affair, a wondrous affair, a beautiful affair. 

In celebration of Tsuba's tenth anniversary as a record label they have announced a three part series which will feature split EP's including a range of edits, remixes and guest features. The latest EP sees contributions from Jimpster, Galcher Lustwerk, Williams, Fort Romeau, Kevin Griffiths and Ray Comanchero. We are lucky enough to be able to premiere the full length Fort Romeau remix of Williams 'Pinball'. Listen below:

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Ticktock – WYLAGG! (Bunki Edit)

The harsh cackle of noise buzzed against the bars of the hall. The whirring would never stop and forever it would be destined to repeat and repeat and repeat. The blazing noise would rise and fall, crushing the expectations of time and space. 

Here is an exclusive first listen to Bunki's edit of ticktock's ' Would You Look At God Go!' which sees an expansion of mesmerizing ambient tones and a rising blur of electronic machines. Listen below:

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Umberto – Awakenings

The depths of the negative world left a chaotic sense of harmony amidst the village town. A haunting scene, one in which would leave them longing for an awakening for quite some time. The time had come, an ominous moment for one and all. 

Here is an exclusive video premiere of the latest release from Not Not Fun Records, the Los Angeles label with an abstract sense of self and a wonderful assortment of releases. Next up is the latest track from Umberto taken from the forthcoming album, 'Alienation', which is expected release date is the 3rd of June. Watch a world of negative awakenings below:

Pre Order the release HERE.

Keita Sano – Mixing Error

A most perilous incident had occured in the laboratory earlier that day. A chemical compound had spilled profusely as part of a mixing error. The floor had burnt away beneath their very feet and the walls had begun to shake. This was a controlled substance, a dangerous presence in any experiment in its own right, let alone its ability to act in freedom. The powder lay scattered across the floor, and metal, wood, plastic and glass began to bubble under its reach. This would burn them all. The mixing error would prove fatal. 

Up next on the Sheik 'N' Beik record label steps Keita Sano. His output since 2014 has been impressive following releases for the likes of Mister Saturday Night, Crowdspacer, Discos Capablanca and more. He steps up and offers four tracks for the New York based label. Listen to 'Mixing Error' below:

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