Premiere Inn – Round Up 12.10.15


Madegg – Dragon

Whenever our eye spots an egg that looks even the slightest bit out of the norm, we can't help but start to fantasise about what might be hiding away inside. No, we're not thinking that there might be an emu, kiwi or the like inside BUT of an almighty dragon, just waiting to be trained. Think about the limitless possibilities of being a dragon owner – you'd never get a parking ticket again, you probably wouldn't need to use a toaster and… Alright, we're out of ideas already but there MUST be more.

Though we can't offer you an actual dragon, this pearl from Madegg is a pretty fine substitute and we reckon you're going to love getting your ears all the way around it like a mother to an almighty dragon egg. Get this going and feel the magic running through you;

New is out on 20th November via flau / raum – pre-order your copy here.

Fold – Calmer Mood

The relatively newly-formed idea of Netflix & Chill is one that will no doubt see the decline of life as we know it. In fact, it may just be the very worst thing to have happened to modern society. Why? Well there may or may not have been an 'incident' which led to everyone's favourite streaming service putting out a restraining order against a member of R$N staff who shall not be named.

But we're not really all that angry about it because Fold is on hand to get us in a 'Calmer Mood'. All the rage fades away and is replaced by some aural goodness that would have us completely forgetting about the aforementioned streaming giants – if it weren't for the fact that the release has those fatal words for a title. Still, this is sure to sort you right out, no matter what mood you're in;

Netflix & Chill is out on 16th October via AUS Music.

Cardopusher – 505 Authority

There are three rules that we should all abide by in life. 1 – Always spread peace and love. 2 – Respect the authority of others. And 3 – Never stroke a cat the wrong way. The second of these rules is a motto which giants of cultural significance such as Eric Cartman have been telling us about for years and it's high time we took notice. If we can respect the authority of those who are beholden to great power, we can learn to use this power to the advantages of ourselves and others throughout society.

One such man with plenty of power is Cardopusher and his almighty ability is to create sounds that vibrate our ears in just the right way that it can cause the feeling of pure ecstasy. We undoubtedly respect his authority and are more than happy to share some of his latest sounds with you right here;

Manipulator is out now via Boysnoize Records.

Unalaska – Unalaska

There's only one Alaska in this world, as far as we know anyway, so the idea of it being renamed Unalaska would be a reasonably acceptable idea in our eyes. Of course, if the almighty state were to do this then they wouldn't be able to boast a solidarity in name as they'd be paired up with a music-making duo and their delightful debut EP.

Candian duo Edo Van Breemen and Zachary Gray may not quite have all the might of a state behind them yet they do a pretty handy job of making sweet music that'll have your ears eating them up like aural hot cakes. Give this combination of high-quality film scores and plenty of lovely guitars a chance to get you in the best of spirits;

Unalaska is out on 16th October via Light Organ Records.

The Missing Brazilians – Ace Of Wands (Unreleased Extended Mix)

To lose ones glasses, keys, wallet or phone is inevitable but to lose multiple Brazilians is simply careless. They aren't exactly something that can easily slip down the back of the sofa or our of your pocket when you check Facebook on your phone for the umpteenth time in an hour, just in case. No, to find that your Brazilians have gone missing is very irresponsible indeed.

However, after a little while you might just hear a little rumbling of something special in your ear. After a solid nine minute spell of your eardrums being thrilled, you realise that your Brazilians weren't missing after all but were safely tucked away within your lugs, sprouting all kinds of aural goodness. Something that sounds just a little bit like this;

Warzone is out on 16th October via On-U Sound.

Subheim – Red Ridge

If one were to traverse the desert for days our senses would surely deteriorate rather spectacularly, leaving us dazed and confused by our surroundings. As the floor around us turns to a murky, fiery colour and the horizons that seemed to be miles away from us now appear to be right at our footsteps, we find ourselves constantly balancing precariously upon a 'Red Ridge'.

That could very well be the aural state that Subheim was in when this latest aural delight was curated as it's set to mess with your head in such a careful way that you'll be quite happy to get caught right up in this trip and you definitely wouldn't say no to taking it again. And again. And again. Go on, climb right up on that 'Red Ridge' and let your ears free;

Foray is out on 27th November via Denovali.

Posthuman – It's A House Thing (Mark Archer Remix)

Acid warriors step up. We've got the latest 303 thumper from Posthuman, given over to the capable remixing hands of Mark 'Altern8/ Nexus21' Archer. And would you Adam and Eve it, it;s turned out to be a killer. Taking on the latest Posthuman 12" It's A House Thing, Archer ramps up the tempo, squiggles up the acid, and chucks in some Detroit synths because why the hell not.

The 12" of It's A House Thing is out now. Order it direct from the Balkan Bandcamp for yer best price. 

Never – Side By Side

When you're able to line up a selection of intoxicating sounds side by side, you can be left feeling completely overwhelmed by the audio that faces you. Sure, it might sound like a slightly terrifying thought yet there's nothing better than having top quality aural delights being blasted at you with the volume cranked right up to full.

We whole-heartedly recommend doing just that with this corker from Guy Gormley and Sam Bardsley, now to be forever known as Never. Let the pair take over your ears for the next couple of minutes and discover the wonderful possibilities of having your life be led by sound;

Don't Touch Me Now is out on 20th November via DEEK Recordings – give it a pre-order here.

West Norwood Cassette Library – Up Periscope

Though most libraries insist on absolute silence so that the folks inside can focus on reading their John Grisham novels or whatever other books they read to excape from the dreariness of their daily lives, the West Norwood Cassette Library is always open to all sorts of moises and actively encourages them. That's probably because it's a human being as opposed to a physical building – you're not very likely to find several generations of people chilling out inside him, hopefully.

To celebrate the fifth birthday of his eponymous label, there's a very special 5th Anniversary EP on offer to help kick the celebrations into full swing. Settle yourself in for your first taste of 'Up Periscope' and get yourself excited for the incoming mountains of party poppers, balloons and all the jelly and ice cream you could ever hope for;

The WNCL 5th Anniversary EP is out on 16th October via WNCL Recordings – grab your copy here.