Premiere Inn: Round Up 11.12.15


Bruha – Yoko Ono

Mop-topped Mexican Chon dreams of a life near the Liver Birds, aged sitcom and guardians of the port and people. Fresh back from Hamburg, and desperate to escape the advances of a famed sexual predator, he has set his eyes on a slightly-built Japanese girl, full of anarchistic fire and needing a good bedding, "chonchon" style.  In a bid to woo her, he heads to his nearest instrument store, but they have no Rickenbackers, only curious boxes with lights and tiny unmanageable keyboards. He unboxes and plugs in, finds the sounds at first disturbing, then slightly intriguing, then a very potent mix of his sexual intentions. Poor girl won't know what's hit her. Poor Chon will find out soon enough.

Wendel Sield – History of Black People

There is a lot of fun to be found in this release. First comes the cover art, a cartoon banana. If that doesn't say fun then we don't know what does? Then there is the name of the label, Banoffee Pies Records: we have a sweet tooth here at Ransom Note so that is just fine by us. Anyway, this release is pretty swell and features Philou Louzolo, Wendel Sield and Mehmet Aslan. It's party music with a foreign twist, hot samples and an exotic groove. All good? Listen Below: 

Stefano Ritteri – About A Youn Lady (Eric Volta Flute Mix)

What is love? No, don't worry, it's not Haddaway (I fkkin love that record, Ed) but a song about love, a young lady to be precise. Dance music needs more romance, when was the last time you took your girlfriend, or boyfriend, to a club and danced like a couple of idiots? I appreciate that 130bpm militant techno might not be the soundtrack to a romantic evening, however, Eric Volta has used a rather beautiful flute to woo us over at Ransom Note with this one. This Christmas, stick it on, take your date out and have a dance. Have a listen below: 

Cabaret Nocturne – Outlaw Knight

Security code accessed, the gull-wing door elevates open on his latest craft. Ignition started via sound control, our hero claps and this svelte, steely ship accelerates and ascends high above the rain swept, dank detritus of the Deadlands. The comms interface sparks to life, latest updates from Crime Control: “OUTLAW KNIGHT ASSISTANCE REQUIRED SECTOR 7”. Increasing velocity, the G-force distorts his face behind that mask, that mask that keeps him untouched, invincible and immune to the havoc he must wreak, if he is to ever release himself from this nightly cabaret.

Gabriel Ferreira – Slow Sugar

The humble bumble bee, the gentleman insect with the fine coat that we at R$N are still hoping one day can be humanely harvested and safely shorn to provide us food-chain champions with both elemental protection and the sartorial elegance of this honourable arthropod. Until that day, we are delighted with his tireless work, winding up wasps (back under the pint-glass you scaly scally), and doing the naughty tango in his determination to provide us with his delightfully drippy, slow sugary honey. Just like the sticky stuff, Gabriel Ferreira’s cut on the new Blindetonation EP smoothly and sweetly oozes the syrupy goodness gradually, ahead of a lovely, languid, lip-smacking under-rush. Lick it up.


Wbeeze – Black Moon

This past weekend we saw nothing but rain: miserable, cold, wet windy, rain. Half the country is now underwater and our flood defences seem about as useless as an iphone's battery life. Excuse the rant, but I spent ten hours travelling on a train around the country yesterday trying to avoid giant puddles with no phone. Anyway, moving on, we at Ransom Note love Wbeeza so we were delighted when we were sent his latest material for the guys over at Secretsundaze. He ramps it up a little on this one and brings in some slightly darker elements than he might normally, it works. Here is the A side from the EP. Listen Here: 

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Step Into My Life (M+M Dub Mix By John Morales)

The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra came together last year for a super mega double LP to celebrate Far Out's 20th anniversary, with arrangements from Arthur Verocai and a whole host of Brazilian music icons. Next year, they're releasing the second instalment of the project.

For this remix 12", New York disco veteran John Morales – who's mixed records for the likes of Class Action, Jocelyn Brown, Aretha Franklin and Candi Staton – delivers a pair of takes on the Orchestra's forthcoming 'Step Into My Life'.

We're got the exclusive premiere of the Dub Mix below. It's one of the best things I've heard all year. Expect lashings of funky bass and sweeping strings: