Premiere Inn: Round Up 11.11.16


PREMIERE: The Junto Club – Shiviana (Khidja remix)

As she looked out from the castle atop the hill her face glowed in the break of the day. Shiviana was a beautiful girl, an embodiment of everything that the kingdom below was not. If only all things could be as gracious as her, as delicate as the turn of her head and as gentle as the way in which her hair blew in the breeze. The clouds hung dark in the distance above the people who longed for freedom from the crown. She was but a mere princess caught up in this mess and she could do very little but gaze out on the ruin which was unfolding before her very eyes. One day things would be different. 

The Junto Club are the next in a neverending line of creativity to pour from Glasgow town. Having previously released music on Optimo they now offer up a debut appearance on the newly formed Snap Crackle & Pop record label. Listen to the Khidja remix below: 

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PREMIERE: Books – Feel It In My Bones (Feat Zodiac)

The cold air blew coarsely through the winter night. She could feel it in her bones as she walked beneath the glow of the office blocks and the dim glow of streetlights. As she looked around people came and went, faceless and blurry they were but mere reflections which moved in between the dark and shadowy spaces. The concrete upon which she tread was glazed in water from the rain which had poured all day long. She could almost catch a glimpse of herself when looking at her feet in the shine of the damp. She kept on walking through the night until she saw the light again once more. It was safer that way. 

Books is the next artist to release music on XVI. He delivers three tracks of elegant, enchanting house music which accompany the dark nights of winter very well. Listen to 'Feel It In My Bones' below: 

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FIRST LISTEN: Willy Roy – Don't Give It Up

Feel the heat..! Soundway Records have announced another compilation of Nigerian disco and boogie, this time focusing on the switch in sound that saw 80s Nigeria moving away from the conscious anger of afrobeat, to embrace the funk, boogie and pop sounds coming out of America. Fuelled by the huge economic boost of the oil boom, clubs sprung up around the country dedicated to sounds that were more concerned with dancing and flossing than tearing down babylon – as Soundway put it, 

"The dashikis, 1970s flares and cuban heels began to disappear, in their place came sleek suits, rolled-up sleeves, bow-ties, jumpsuits, leather jackets, greased hair and a firm nod in the stylistic direction of Michael Jackson."

Soundway have given us a taster from the compilation, the bass slapping, good time funk of Willy Roy's Don't Give It Up  – a track that has all the shimmer and pop of an American funk bomb, combined with a typically Nigerian rhythm section that laces the groove with bursts of percussive syncopation. Listen below and find out more about the whole compilation – released December 9th- over here

PREMIERE: Headman/ Robi Insinna – Dechainee (Borusiade Version)

Her despondent fury was dark in it's own desperation. Today the world had turned against her wasted wishes. The lies and belligerence had defied any politic. The night had been long, and the discrete tears which had glimpsed change were now heavy like tar. While the perpetrators were building a Cristal wall, and celebrating their perjury, she shuttered up her standing and feared their threats.

Relish boss Headman aka Robi Insinna has Cómeme’s Borusiade remix his latest release. Featuring Justine is Colette on vocals, this delay riddled, analogue theme track broods and intrigues. A solitary bass motif and running single fret note drives through the effected spectress narration and machine driven percussion. Suitably black and bruised for today.

Headman/ Robi Insinna – Dechainee is released by Relish Recordings on limited 7" vinyl on 11th November 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

PREMIERE: Uqbar – Celestial Waves

The moonlight cast a glowing shimmer across the globe. The sea lit up in the midst of the midnight darkness and all was peaceful in this place. The celestial waves flowed gracefully as the currents travelled across the world. The planet was at ease with itself for the first time in a millenium. The human race had now abandoned this place, they had deemed to too extreme to inhabit anymore. Now, nature could be left to its own devices without the imprint of man. A new dawn was born. 

Uqbar is the latest artist to release on Sempor Memor. He is also known as Solune and is one half of the Arcarsenal duo. He delivers an ep of prestigious quality and expertly crafted electronics for the label which has been on form as of late. Listen to 'Celestial Waves' below: 

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PREMIERE: Peder Mannerfelt – Blog Kept A Growing

Let's be honest here, the title of this track may as well have been about Ransom Note. A blog that kept on growing, c'mon right? Like an overgrown plant its vines have entrenched themselves into the lives of everyone associated as it continues to sprout obtusely. It pokes through the expanse of the underground in an odd but profound fashion. This is a plant which will never die, never shrivel into the soil. It will grow and grow and grow and grow. 

Peder Mannerfelt, what's left to say. The man is arguably one of the most exciting figures in electronic music as the moment. Adopting a no f***s given attitude has led to some of the most interesting releases of the last year, and don't even get us started on the live show. He returns with a new EP on his newly founded label which is accompanied by a press release which simply reads "one more, you know the score. All for the floor: hardcore." On point as ever, listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Ruff & Stax – Brando

His smile was distorted in the glare of the sunlight. It sat eerily upon his usually glumstruck face, Brando had arrived. There was an evil sense of foreboding as he marched towards the crowd of onlookers. He was the star of the show and everything he had ever wanted was waiting for him on the other side. All he had to do was walk forwards, disregarding their cries and the shock from those whom quite simply did not understand or know any better. Brando had risen. 

Axe Traxx return with their third release. This time they feature an array of talent including Kid Mark, Dj Pegasuz, FTPup and Fede LNG. However, it is the Ruff & Stax track which steals the show in our humble opinion. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Duke Slammer – Coastal Decay (Pan Solo Remix)

The rocks fell crashing towards the waves below. The coastline was vanishing, only to be swallowed by the murky depths of the black and stormy ocean. Many fishermen had lost their minds at sea, they had careered towards the rock, their ships smashing coarsely against the land. They had been enchanted by the song of the sirens who lived beneath the waves. Their song would echo through the night and entice them back towards the bay. All that would follow was coastal decay, time and time again. 

Cosmic Pint Glass kickstart their Keg Series with a release from Duke Slammer. We bring you the remix from Pan Solo who delivers time and time again with enigmatic sun kissed house. Listen below: 

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