Premiere Inn: Round Up 05.02.16


Marcin Krupa – Spa House

The white tiles glimmered on the walls of the spa, the marble tables lined the room as drops of water ran from trickling taps, steam billowed down the halls and the scent of lavender kissed the air. Across the room a woman lay sprawled across a sunlounger by the pool: she sipped from a long glass some fragrant cocktail of luscious fruits and red mist. She winked and called me over…

Astropical Tapes is a new found Polish imprint who have been receiving support from the likes of Axel Boman, Jimpster and Detroit Swindle. This one is taken from the latest EP from Marcin Krupa and dabbles in soothing melodic house and disco excursions. Titled "Spa House" it is named after Konstantin Jeziorna, a historically famous spa resort on the outer reaches of Warsaw. Listen below:

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Big Miz – Winger

He moves down the flank, weaving his way between teammates and the flying limbs of the opposition. Shouts and cries fill the air as an eager sense of anticipation grows within this cauldron of a stadium. The blood is pounding in his head as he runs ever closer towards the final line. Then there was a flash, a bang, a crash: the crackle of a loud drum could be heard from the stands as an eruption of noise echoed across the grounds. He was the winger, he absorbed the moment, and moved towards the line. 

Big Miz is a Glaswegian favourite, you will find him regularly DJ'ing the La Cheetah booth in a Celtic top, wine in hand and a cheerful grin emblazoned across his face. Here is his latest one for the ever sound Dixon Avenue Basement Jams lot. Listen Here:

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Joe Europe – Deep Point

The waters roared as they swarmed the southern bound ship. The captain barked his orders fiercely as the waves crashed and whipped against the side of the rickety boat, they were barely surfacing now amidst the depths of the sea. This was almost the deep point, the point of no return: plummeting into the sea would see them sink to the murky depths of the oceans abyss. They had waited ever so long to find themselves in this position but somehow they had ended up wishing they might find themselves anywhere else than were they were right now. 

The much loved Joe Europe is set to release a track on a compilation for Flumo alongside Gene Hunt and a number of others. Stream his track below: 

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Djuma Soundsystem & Yann Coppier feat King Ayisoba – Anyimu

The Mahaki tribe gathered around the ancient stones amidst the African trees. These last few days had been a celebration of the change in the seasons, the sands had begun to blow, the dusty winds swept through the air on the breeze. They raised their hands to the skies above and began to chant, one drum banged and banged and banged. The wind grew stronger and their voices carried far and wide. 

This record sees Djuma Soundsystem, Yann Coppier and King Ayisoba create a rather unusual Crosstown Rebels release. It incorporates the glitches of electronic music alongside a traditional world music aesthetic. Listen to the release below:

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Apes – Equinox

As day becomes night the sky begins to change, the stars illuminate, white balls of burning flame. The sunlight dies, clouds blacken the expanse which sits above the world, nothing shines but the twinkling light of those little pearls. The equinox is near, the celestial calendar aligns and day and night correspond in equal time. The reach is far and wide, earth floats, a hazy planet at the mercy of the tide: the sun casts it's final beam, slips beneath the line and dies.

Listen to Apes track titled "Equinox" for Church below.

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Belly – Water (Thinnen Remix)

Witnessed from the forlorn beach, it still staggered. The intense power that could be felt from the breaking waves, as the surf grew and frothed fully, the barrels rolled darkly, reflecting the black, laden, stormy skies above. The clashing energy as waves reciprocated and clattered, rushing and surging, pressured by Atmos as Neptune drove his charges at the helpless shore. Prostrate and powerless, the sea foams surged and rattled the sands as the crescendo diminished as it rushed closer to us.

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