Premiere Inn: Round Up 04.12.15


I have come to the conclusion that Richard Fearless has the most badass name in all of Electronic music. I'm thinking he maybe fancied becoming a wrestler in another life, maybe he just has literally no fear, or he has a super hero alter ego. I guess we will never know. Instead he opts to produce equally badass electronic music in his spare time, when he's not working with his band Death In Vegas that is. His latest record "Overview Effect" is a combination of acid, house and euphoric elements which make for a pretty incredible EP in all honesty. We are lucky to be able to premiere the B side, Metal Dub, and it's pretty swell. Have a listen below: 

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This one is good, like really good. It's rowdy, eerie and wild. This is the latest to feature on Ivan Smagghe's label, Les Disques De La Mort, and you will find it in all good record stores very soon. Lord Tusk appears on the flip as he reworks the industrial funk which Golden Bug and Yan Wagner's vocals construct on the original. According to the label this one has been a long time in planning and the result is a moody assortment of records which make for a very strong 12". Listen Below: 

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It's not often that we are totally blown away by a piece of music which comes through our promotional inbox. We stumbled upon this one by chance and it could very easily have been missed. However, for some reason it stood out upon a glance. The accompanying website which provided us with the release information was designed with a stunning sense of aesthetic and the release itself has great promise. Maxime Alexander, a newcomer, is based in Cape Town, South Africa and has crafted a six track release which could have come straight from any major label. It's dynamic, edgy and beautiful. Each track has a sense of depth and intrigue which is not so usually found in a debut release. Everything about the 1991 label is encouraging, from the subtle brand design and cover art to the music featured. This is a very strong opener, expect big things: 

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Back in 1990 I was reading comics that promised me 2015 would be both more exciting and utterly shit. I was expecting to live in a labyrinth plastic metropolis, denied the right to feel sunshine on my face unless I jacked cyber upgrades into my limbs, injected psycho drugs into my retinas, and agreed to battle similarly savage man-machines in pit fights staged for the entertainment of a sloth like rich elite. Plus all women would have unfeasibly huge boobs and wear hardly anything. It was all mapped out. None of it has come to pass. However, if I slap on an industrial strength acid techno nose bleeder such as Infinite Fields' Olga, I can at least pretend.

Released on Quanta Records on December 11th. Find Quanta on Soundcloud here


Who is Chris? Why does he need information? Seriously, this a genuine question which I can't seem to find the answer to at present. Oh wait, the pair both have the name Chris, it all makes sense now, sort of. Anyway, the duo from South London, FYI Chris, have been steadily pumping out music on labels such as Church and Rhythm Section. Their latest production is a refix which features on the 'On The Corner' compilation. The pair are in good company alongside the likes of Al Dobson Jr. and Petwo Evans and the overall album is a blend of tribal, afro and jazz inspired edits which make's for an uplifting and very danceable listen indeed. Below is a sneaky premiere of the duo's contribution:

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The red sun sets across the dusty sands and the light fades as the golden plains glitter in the light of the dying sun. A fire blazes in the midst of the dunes and the travellers huddle in close, their tents sit like black shadows against the darkening orange sky.

This is the first release by Romanian duo Khidja on Malka Tuti. They bring with them a collection of Arabic and Andalusian strings as they encorporate foreign elements into their own special blend of nu wave disco. Chants from a distant land lead the track as other elements of drums and synths combine and collaborate to create a hypnotic cacophony of noise. We are delighted to be able to premiere the A side of this forthcoming release which has been receiving support from the likes of Jan Schulte, Man Power, Red Axes & Disco Halal. Listen Below: 

The record is forthcoming at Juno HERE


The Blues has often been as much a state of mind as it has a musical genre. It's influence on Hip Hop, Electronic and a vast array of music in the present is profound, yet it is often far removed from the same level of press coverage. However, the latest release from Jeb Loy Nichols is a record which seems to have reached musical circles in which it might not previously have been heard. In the past he has been acclaimed by the likes of Rough Trade. This alongside his musical background, in which he sold records to the likes of Brian Eno and Prince Paul from a small time New York record shop, make him a very interesting character indeed. His ‘Long Time Traveller’ reissue is forthcoming on On-U Sound. This one is taken from the forthcoming Y'All Smell Me Mini Album. Listen to a track from the record below: 

Jeb tour dates can be found HERE.  Visit his website HERE


Sister Justine angers her Mother by putting the “satanic” seven back in revolution. Treasured inside The Good Book, the young mademoiselle stored her vinyl missives, darkly etched and discretely delivered from her advocate overseas. 

The devil comes in many disguises, and her bearded and bespectacled beelzebub had entranced her with the delirious base sounds of the night people; those that revelled in the din and the sin of those immoral rhythms and guilty guttural urges and a quest for carnality.

Justine prayed the wrong way, and lusted to join him in that city of decay, nightclubbing, twisting in tremors like some kind of sweating lunatic.

Listen Below: 


The record is released on the 7th of December. Follow Permanent Wave on facebook HERE


Everybody loves drums right? Lay – Far loves drums. This latest track "Lock and Rock" from Local Talk sees him dabble in a percussive workout of very jazzy proportions. With an addictive hook and a danceable beat this one is bound to have you moving round the club popping, locking, rocking and rolling: basically you'll be busting some moves. Listen Below: 

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