Premiere Inn: Round Up 04.11.16


PREMIERE: Rhytch – Glueck

Something had happened. But our minds were too nebulized, our visions to blurry to remember what it was. When we stopped searching for our inner and outer selves in past tenses we eventually fully realized it was the future we had to sharpen our senses for. In the things that lay upon us, things that were bound to happen, we would find shelter. That universally necessitated shelter, which we could rely on, would give us possibilities to conquer unseen grounds to walk on. Only then we would find out it was not us envisioning this new land, but the land that envisioned us, that saw us firmly walking on its unspeakable grounds, allowing us to go wherever we could imagine ourselves to go to. We fly toward grace.

Rhytch is an artist based in Berlin. When we were originally approached by the label about featuring a track from his forthcoming LP 'Baba Ganoush' it was through a friend. It was quite the introduction and the record is an exciting prospect. Ancient Future, a label from Cologne, are set to release it. Listen to a track below: 

Follow them on Soundcloud HERE and Rhytch HERE

PREMIERE: Nickodemus & Alsarah – The Crow [Wonderwheel]

The black bird roared loudly from atop the chimney. It looked out upon the grassy fields which lay at the base of the house below. It cast an eerie shadow across the roof on which it sat, it was a haunted beast, a devilish instrument of witchcraft and pain. It's squawking could be heard for far and wide and it brought trouble across the land. Symbollic and hateful the crow would fly now, leaving with it a cursed trail of suffering and despair in its wake. 

Nickodemus & Alsarah unveil an enchanting release on Wonderwheel which has already been championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson amongst others. Listen to the devlishly good 'The Crow' below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Coyote – Fight The Future (CHIDA Remix)

6.36am. The days seemed bleaker each morning when he awoke, and the hangover and guilt only exacerbated his anxiety. The necessary cat lick and hair product grooming regime done, he was still the same man that awoke in another’s bed, after one more night misbehaving (he told himself angrily). He nipped in for tabs, and glanced across the shelves of his newsagents sorry show of mis-information. Again he was galled at the red tops stance. Life was dark, like the morning and mindset that swallowed him. He handed over his coin and smiled through gritted teeth at the ol’ fella as he grasped his hooky ‘bines. Fuck this for a game of soldiers. There must be a better way, he just needed to see that future and put some balls into changing it all. If only for himself.

Next up on the Clandestino lads' new label (think "the acid house Compo, Foggy & Clegg") is a return for the wonderful Coyote couple. On this mix, they bring in CHIDA, who takes the original, bright 303s and casts a darker shadow over the whole affair. Concrete bass kicks and hi-hats lead into some deep bass business, laser swipes, rewinds, and black disco toms. It's a much moodier and unsettling version, suited to basement brethren rather than big room Barrys. Layered with echoes and karate chop FX, it's worth fighting for.

Coyote – Fight The Future EP is released by Clandestino on 14th November 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow Coyote on Facebook.

PREMIERE: Benoit B – A Night In Gobi Desert 

The sun cast a dreamy glow over the sand dunes. Night was about to fall across the Gobi Desert and not a sound could be heard. The blue light faded into the distance and all that was left but darkness. You could smell the heat in the night's air, it clung to you like a warm embrace. Many people had longed to walk across this beautiful landscape but few had ever been brave enough to take the risk. The possibility that one might die in the middle of nowhere was too haunting for many, no matter how stunning the burial. 

Peur Bleue return with yet more charm and lush sounds as they are set to release a new EP from Benoit B. His new EP, titled 'Tropico Timelexia', sees an enchanting take on house and soundscapes. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Love Letters – Nag (TWIN'S 'can we?' Mix)

The voice echoed down the corridor. He could hear it from a mile away. In all honesty, now he came to think of it he could probably hear it from a hundred thousand miles away. He might as well be on another continent, the nagging would still somehow find a way to penetrate and torment his brain. He had heard about the trouble the noise had caused for others. They had been haunted, some had even gone mad they said. He had always hoped it would never be this bad but right now it was unbareable. 

Mike Simonetti & Ryan Parks have recently compiled a release called 'Harsh Riddims' which is set to be released by 2MR on Friday this week. Listen to a track from the forthcoming release below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Markus Gibb – Vipère Lubrique (Hardway Bros DJ Dag Is Playing At My House Remix)

Things just seemed a little different, kind of ‘there’ but slightly off beat. I wasn’t sure why everyone was looking at me so harshly, maybe I just needed to feel comfortable again, shed this skin. There was a definite stance to their umbrage, but it seemed easier for me right now to look at them with the same lack of empathy they showed to the others. I wriggled past several more door fascists, they can find another punchbag tonight. Things were definitely getting tougher, but it wasn’t just me that saw the floor, the space and the sanctity. It charmed me, no doubt. But I was always willing to get under the spell, so my choice was easy now, I was in a trance.

Kezokichi Miyazaki's Blindetonation label is always a home to to some of the finest, and with a new remix collection excels. On this, French youth Markus Gibb gets all tranced up in Sean Johnston's riddle remix. Tougher than some, his Hardway Bros mix gets the bass and kick on the flip, and breathed reverb vox, snuck away guitar licks crossed with sped-up pungi add to an homage to the 90s producer.

Blindetonation Remixed 01 is out on now and can be bought HERE. Follow Markus Gibb on Facebook.

Video Premiere: RX-101 – Tunnel

The flickering light illuminated the gloominess of the industrial park. The fire door which led to the underground below glowed green under the spotlight. There was little here to suggest that there might be something inconspicuous afoot beneath the concrete floor. Deep down in the tunnel below there was a mysterious secret lurking for those who were brave enough to seek its knowledge. A new life lived deep below the world above, it was but a dream within the darkness and the tunnel was the entry point. In time the rumours would spread about this place, but for now it would remain under the radar and under wraps. A beautiful secret waiting to be shared with the unconcious planet. 

Solvent's Suction have just released new music from RX-101. Intelligent, hypnotic electronic sounds echo throughout the discourse of the record and this is reflected in a new video designed by Robert Fantinatto who captures the essence of the release in an eerie vision. Watch the video for 'Tunnel' below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Mugwump – Breakdown (Smagghe & Cross Version)

The weekend pleasures were taking their toll. Just 24 hours earlier the freaks and the masks were party to my own narcotic exuberance. The hours had shifted since, and so had my own grip on the calendar. Cats and cold comfort were greedily grasped into my belly as I sighed hard to shift the black cloud. It sweated heavy over East London, and then the knocking began. 



Utterly bent and disturbing in unequal measures, Messrs Smagghe and Cross take Mugwump’s Factory paean and provide a new beat. Mangled with anxious bass, reverse white noise, sub earth oscillations and Stuka riffs, it’s the perfect thing to open the door to small kids with this week. That’ll learn ‘em.

Mugwump – Metempsycho EP is released by Subfield on 4th November 2016 and can be found HERE

PREMIERE: Raccoglimento Parziale – Cavitation

The empty space lay abandoned and bare. In the middle of the warehouse there was nothing which demonstrated that an enterprise had ever existed here. The brick walls lay bare and cold, the metal pillars loomed hauntingly. This was now a place which would soon be forgotten, one of the many buildings lost to the grunge and despair of a city in a state of alert. All around this place businesses had begun to leave, they had been bought out, priced out and as a result their ability to produce had collapsed. Cavitation was all that existed, all around. The shells of a life now vanished. 

Raccoglimento Parziale releases on Oltrarno Recordings as he unveils his new body of work titled "Observing Organic Structures". Listen to "Cavitation" below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Wbeeza – Bodyman

The delights of the universe were captivating to the naked eye. To be able to witness a galaxy in all its glory for the first time was a spektral wonder, a wacky wave, a release of light and the dawn of a new age. Stars flew overhead, they rocketed between the planets, glimmering brightly in the midst of the enchanting darkness. Space was a beautiful place, if only we had always known that we were not in fact limited to the confines of our tiny planet. If only we had known, we could always fly. 

How many 'e's can you fit in one name? I swear, everytime we receive a new track of promo featuring the illustrious Wbeeza he has snuck another one in there without us noticing. At least that's what the press release said, we've opted to go with two, I think that's right? He appears on the latest compilation from the Music Is Love Family alongside the likes of Mak & Pasteman and New Jack City. Listen to his track 'Bodyman' below:

Buy the release HERE

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