Premiere Inn: Round Up 04.03.16


Delta Girls – Coloured Flames

The azure sky stretched luxuriously from mountain side to a distant horizon. A jet trailed across the brilliance, it's vapours illuminated, spectral chemistry dissolving into invisibility. These were the days, unforgettable moments in the sunshine of youth, rested and satiated, with the exuberant echoes of a tremoloed guitar soundtracking the endless beach and all who melted into the white crystal sands.

Invisible Inc.'s sixth EP delivers this wonderfully hazy, rhythmic percussive cut from Delta Girls, with some Marr-vellous guitar work. The four track package also includes tracks from Legion Of Light, Claudio Cremonesi and The Immaculate Rivombo.

Delta Girls – Coloured Flames is released by Invisible Inc. and available HERE. Photo credit Lance Fuller Photography.

Krista Papista – I Wish I Had Blue Eyes

Having been fans of Krista Papista's discombobulating pop for a minute now, we jumped at the chance to premiere her new track I Wish I Had Blue Eyes. Kicking off with drums that could have been lifted from Gwen Stefani's Hollerback Girl, the song quickly jettisons any normality with a series of unexpected left turns, piano breakdowns, primal yelps and gutteral muttering. Fans of Ariel Pink, Animal Collective or Geneva Jacuzzi should take note. Papista calls her sound Sordid Pop – we wanted to know why – 

How would you describe sordid pop?

Sordid pop is my way of describing my work's aesthetic. I've always had a fascination with elements that existed within pop culture but what I always appreciated was a bit of a twist, a provocation, a scandalous mystery to the story. See the work I produce is experimental pop music&videos that always have something a conservative person will interpret as vulgar, sordid or distasteful. 

Can you tell us about the video you've made to accompany the track?

The video portrays the relationship between me and a middle aged guy. We have fatherly relationship but REVERSED. I'm the father figure teaching the middle aged man how to perform masculine activities and rituals, therefore how to perform his masculinity. The main part of the video will be the Zeibekiko dance. Zeibekiko is a Greek folk dance performed only by men.
The video was directed by myself & blør with Korsshan Schlauer as our DOP.

Why do you wish you had blue eyes?

I don't –  Growing up in Cyprus I remember this ridiculous phase where everyone around me wanted blue eyes cause most kids had brown eyes. The title has a metaphorical meaning. It's kind of about being nostalgic about things that never happened. it's about desiring things you will never ever ever have, but the fantasy is still there, dominating your brain. 


I consciously structured the song to sound like a horror film. The gibberish in the end perhaps illustrate an inability to express these horrendous emotions, an impotence to convey my message in a direct straightforward way as these feelings and notions come from a dark place in the brain/ heart – I enjoy going all the way with this horror notion.

the main feelings and themes that float in this track are:
the darkest side of the brain
pure raw misery
your worst thoughts 
your saddest thoughts 
reckless orgasms 
driving at night
childhood memories
apathetic pride
apathetic strength
reckless lovers
night loners 
crying 50 year olds   

How important is the idea of examining gender roles in your art?

It happens organically, I don't even think about it so much but yeah my work often does play with the theatricality of gender roles. I guess if people still interpret my work as gender related then that means there's still a lot to be changed in the way people view human beings, we need to examine music / video/ performance in a light that is emancipated from all these pre conceived gender related connotations .   

How have you been approaching live performance? Have you been trying to subvert audiences expectations?

My shows are digital gigs. My screen with the videos I produce exclusively for the show and my amplifiers which I manipulate in a sonically pleasurous way are my band and I'm the singer. I'm playing live on the 16th of March at the waiting room, in stoke newighton! Yes I do like to subvert the audience expectations and I guess I'm doing it in post -modern way! 

Listen to more of Krista Papista over on her Soundcloud.

Ujin Ray – Ritual

How many times must he sacrifice himself to the repetitiveness of the ritual. The loophole of repetition and the pain in the process. Nothing good had ever come of this yet still he perservered with each step as if it were the final piece in the puzzle which he would someday complete. The thing about a ritual is that there is often no meaning, no point, no end goal, just a sense of something which must be completed, finished or done. This was his ritual and his life would be dictated by result of the repitition. 

Based in Berlin Ujin Ray's debut EP is coming through very strong indeed. Released on Night Noise records it has been receiving support from the likes of Ivan Smagghe and Kasper Bjorke amongst many others. Listen to the lead track below: 

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Jori Hulkkonen – Black Books

Black Books are where we keep our deepest, most treasured secrets, right? We all have a diary, right? This is where our heart lies, our soul, our thoughts and existence. Our lives are lived through the texture of paper and the words in which we write upon it. If somebody found your black book how would you feel? Would you declare your thoughts to the world like some sort of open script, would you write a novel and publish its contents, if only the world knew your thoughts…

Jori Hulkonnen's track "Black Books" from the upcoming release on My Favourite Robot is accompanied by this intriguing visual narrative. Maybe these are his thoughts from a black book represented in imagery, or maybe it is something else entirely. Watch and see: 

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The (Hypothetical) Prophets – Around The World

Back in 1982 French electronic pioneer Bernard Szajner and British musician Karel Beer collaborated on their first and last album as The (Hypothetical) Prophets. For years a largely forgotten footnote in synthwave, the album has recently been rediscovered by a new generation, who are appreciating quite how visionary the duo's fusion of slow motion proto-techno, synthetic gurgles, cut-up found sounds and bizarro pop still sounds. It’s rare you find an album that skips between synthetic Euro rock n roll (think Devo in berets), to sea shanties set to elegant synthetic pulses, to the gloomy menace of Wallenberg VF, a classic of clockwork rhythms and film noir sax.

Infine have snapped the record up for a reissue, and we’re happy to have been given the chance to premiere it today. The original album has been re-sequenced to reflect the bands original intentions, and comes accompanied with bonus tracks drawn from their EPs. 

The album is released March 2016, and is available on LP, CD and digital – pre-irder a copy from over here and listen in full below. 


Hotel Lauer – Sanger

"Can you sang?" shouted the bartender. The down and out hell hole had been falling apart for decades amidst the Texas landscape. It sat discretely alongside the highway as it had for many years, its wooden shutters blowing gently in the breeze against the old shack of a building. Inside there were few customers, the drunken women behind the til would shout at each customer who entered challenging them to sing. Her strong southern accent bellowed sharply through the quiet as she called for a "sanger" over and over again. 

Hotel Lauer is the project of Phillip and Jacob Lauer, two German brothers with a taste for percussion, synths and drums. Here is their latest release on Emotional Especial. Listen below: 

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Mark E – Basement Trax 1

The shopfront looked gloomy and mysterious in the streetlight. Dust sat layered in the windows and no light could be seen from within. The crew of revellers stood eagerly outside the door, a small queue had already begun to form behind them as they waited. Finally at midnight, the bolts were unlatched and it swung open. One at a time they were ushered inside and in the distance they could hear the sound of drums echoing. Below them there was a party underway, deep down in the basement, and they were going there. 

Mark E is forever on point. His latest EP for Futureboogie is on point and 'Basement Trax' is on point. Listen Below: 

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Deep88 – Rotation

The wheels were in motion and the cogs beneath the bonnet sprung into life. This was the biggest race of his career, of his life, and his existence thus far. The rotation beneath the car had begun, and he moved forward. The crowds who had gathered to watch became a distant blur as he whizzed past with rapid speed. His head clattered against the inside of his helmet and his blood began to boil, the race now truly underway. The engines roared as he overtook each competitor, they whirred and the wind rattled against the speedy machine. 

Alessandro Pasini is certainly on to something with this one. As the founder of 12 Records and under the moniker of Deep88 he has been producing music for around six years now. He has been carefully crafting a sound which carries depth, emotion and energy and as a result has produced distinctive house music to a quality which is rare to find in the present day. 'Rotation' and The Black Album as a whole are representative of this. Listen Below: 

Forthcoming HERE. Follow Deep88 on Facebook HERE.