Premiere Inn: Round Up 03.03.2017


James Hadfield Feat Danny Linton – Soak

The Chemicals had kicked in my brother. Things rushed past and faster, and like a star I kept my eye on everything ahead. Someone had to do it, whether it should be me is another question. I let the guitars take hold, the rhythms trickle into my veins, and my head keep looking upwards, or further down this river…

It might be considered vain to call your new label Me Me Me. I don't think so though, when you are actually shouting more about you, you, YOU. Others are what make a decent family, and with Man Power's latest shout on his imprint he has picked another Northern lovemonkey. James Hadield is half Lizard but fully himself, and he shines here on this label debut. It's the slight nuances towards the end that really give this track some belting quality. The Afro-tinged proggy houser gives itself a well earned sit down, and the lil' riddims judder and jiggle with each other before the main theme comes back and says hello, just a little more softly. 

Out now and to buy HERE. Video credits:  Ivette Iruegas and Ricardo Barrera.

/AMBIANCE – Camino Al Parke

The wound up toys, game show mementoes and inanimate objects took control of the magic boxes while their owner rested. Quietly working, they hard wired with intention until, just like themselves, the plastic machines began to sing and dance in the dark of secrecy. 

Mexican electronic label Duro brings a new five tracker, this time from the mysterious Nicaraguan /AMBIANCE. Growing up in Miami, he was surrounded by Cuban music, booty bass, then developed a love of electro. He has now moved on to a purely analogue, live and cassette recorded new project, inspired by soundtracks, films, drum machines, synthesizers and "life's transformative events". Opening track on his first volume is ‘Camino al Parke’, five minutes of scattered toms and warm fuzzy atmospheres, rasping synth stabs and little else until some funky kicks and curious melodies help the whole thing come alive in the second half.

/AMBIANCE Vol.1 is out now on Duro.

Opal Sunn – Pluto

Deep within the starry night lay a planet far away. Pluto was billions of miles from the sun, yet still it glowed in the reflection of the basking light. The wild winds blew eerily in the deepest, darkest part of space. Little life existed out here in the murky depths. Some said that those back home on earth were all to survive amidst the vast reaches of our galaxy. How wrong they were, naive and weak. One race conquered all and it was not man but something else, quite profound. 

Planet Sundae are set to release their second record in March. It comes following the success of their first, which came in the form of an EP from Al Kassian. He features on this release too, collaborating with Hiroaki OBA across four tracks originally recorded between 2015 – 2016. Listen to "Pluto" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Hamatsuki- Still Searching

The field of dreams was yet to be found, for now they were still searching. In the distance there was a faint glimmer of light but as they tread forwards through the darkness the hope of progress was fading fast. The wind blew fiercely in the midnight hour and the trees rocked back and forth with a creaky groan. She shivered as she paced, waiting in eager anticipation for her friend to emerge. In the ghostly hour, she would never return. 

Hamatsuki is set to release a new cassette for GASP Records on the 10th of March next month, six tracks of elegant dusty electronics with a glistening edge. Listen to "Still Searching" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Benjamin Fröhlich – Ghost Orchid (Cleveland Remix)

The haunting flowers would struggle to survive the winter months. The ghost orchid would lose its blossom and the cascading petals would fall quite abruptly to the forest floor below. Nature was a cruel mistress by which the jungle must abide, everything was in its place and right where it was supposed to be. The ghosts of winter would soon run riot through this empty trees whilst the animals slept in hibernation between the glow of the distant moon. 

Benjamin Fröhlich recently released music on Permanent Vacation. Now, it is his turn to be remixed, as is so often the way. Lauer, Shan, Jack Pattern and Cleveland all step up to reimagine his work. The latter is who's version we bring to you. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Teniente Castillo – Rephrased (Undo Remix)

The difficulty with language is that it can be hard to articulate, decipher and change. What is said cannot be erased and taken back, it stands firm in the passage of time for a life to come. This is why such holy books have paved the way across the ages, they cannot be taken back. Nowadays it is all about a turn of phrase, depicting what may come next and rephrasing that which was mistaken. Perhaps in the future we will learn better, and take our time. 

Teniente Castillo is set to release a new EP on Play Pal Music. Operating out of Madrid he creates tripped out electronic music rife with drive and bass. He is remixed by Undo. Listen below: 

Pre order the release HERE.

Fred und Luna – Minisong

Frank Wiedemann – co-founder of Innervisions and one half of German deep house duo Âme alongside Kristian Beyer – is launching a new label called BIGAMO, focused on music from outside the house spectrum.

The first record on the label comes from Fred und Luna – an alias for German artist Rainer Buchmüller – who has previously released an EP on Optimo and remixed Prins Thomas for Innervisions. New album Im Klanggarten is rather different – a new style which Buchmüller describes as 'Elektrokraut' or 'Krautelektro' – essentially modern Krautrock with an emphasis on beautiful melodies and modern electronic sounds.

We're premiering the opening track, 'Minisong', which you can listen to below. It's a haunting, moody number with a slowly evolving melody that could soundtrack a misty morning by the lake.

Im Klanggarten is out 8th March on BIGAMO, pre-order here.

Wolfstream – Precious Bodily Fluids (With Duncan Gray)

With just the smallest and precise incision, the wound was made. As teeth were gritted and fists clenched taught, the 'operation' began. The black red liquid was drained through clear and twisted rubber, as the 'patient' watched through cracked eyes. He muffled his pain as not to appease this doctor of war. Drip, drip, drip, it slowly collected beside the man in a filthy surgical jar and he viewed his life draining so pictorially.

Wolfstream was made in wintry St. Petersburg and absorbed the "cold of abandoned manufactories and the sound of empty railroad depot". The duo makes hasteless and mesmerising music full of analog synths, percussions and live basslines. On this cut taken from their new four track EP, they collaborate with a certain Mister Gray. Creeping out of the darkness of one of those ghost town monoliths above, it fills up with swirling ethnicity, military snares and sitar styled vibes. Coiled and apprehensive and ticking like a Soviet time bomb, it grows more menacing as you step closer. Beware.

Wolfstream – I Am God EP is released on Mange_Moi on 6th March 2017 and can be found HERE. Follow Wolfstream on Facebook.

Lakuta – Pique (Contours Remix)

It's Frrrrriiiiday, and Afro-soul collective Lakuta have a new EP out today on Tru Thoughts! It's called So Sue Us, and has already seen support from the likes of Julie Adenuga, Rob Da Bank, Basement Jaxx and Laurent Garnier. The EP is home to the title track along with seven rather excellent remixes of tracks from Lakuta's debut album Brothers & Sisters.

We're premiering a remix of 'Pique', by Manchester-based drummer/producer Tom Burford (aka Contours), who you might know from his amazing Rhythm Section EP Technician. Here, he wisely sticks to what made the original track so effective, adding in groovy breakbeats and splashing some interstellar synths across the canvas. Despite (or rather because of) the unusual time signature, Contours has transformed 'Pique' into a real dancefloor heater. Listen below:

So Sue Us is out now on Tru Thoughts, buy it on Bandcamp.

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