Premiere Inn: Round Up 01.04.16


B – Elite

The highest pinnacle of the mountain was only to be conquered by the most elite of the team. Many had tried to make the grade in order to be granted permission to climb the great beast. The ice lay heavy against the side of the cliff face as the crew began to climb. They carried heavy ice picks and dug their way fiercely into the rocky abyss. A day of battling elements lay ahead of them, it would be testing for the youth of the group, but they were elite. 

Here is the latest release on Lektroluv from the mysterious B. This is the second track from the release titled Elite. Listen below:

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2030 – Aries

The tropical zodiac watched gracefully from above. Aries would rise again very soon indeed. Ruled by Mars, it had been patiently waiting under the guidance of the distant planet to bring itself to life once more. The stars would align and the earth below would be engulfed by the beams of a thousand shining lights amidst the blackened sky. The trumpets would roar so loud, it would be remembered forever and the history books would be re-written. Aries would rise once more. 

2030 is set to release an ep for French up and comers CLFT. The record is sounding very strong indeed, capturing the essence of detroit amidst a modern landscape. Listen below: 

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Jakam – Guidance (Dreems Remix)

The path to success is not an easy route to follow. Guidance and mentorship is key to the accomplishment of a venture. It may take time, patience, charisma and strength but once it has been achieved there is no feeling quite like it. This is much like an adventure, a theory of life which must be taught and learnt with both supervision and guidance. Let us be your guide, let us be your supervisor, the door is unlocked, step forward, sigh deeply and proceed. 

Here is the latest release on the ever exciting Malka Tuti record label. Dreems remixes Jakam's track titled 'Guidance'. This record will include a hand-printed silk-screen cover and will be limited to 600 copies. Listen below: 

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Damian Schwartz – Frau Odd

He was a funny sort of character, Mr Frau Odd. He lived beneath the pylons which lined the freeway. He gazed up towards the faint glow of the streetlights, they loomed bright and orange above his head. It had been a long day and he found himself daydreaming as he walked in the quiet glow. The days were beoming longer and colder, he liked this season. Things were beginning to become eerie, more distant and winter would soon blow its icy chill through this town. He could not wait. 

Here is the latest release from Damian Schwartz for A Harmless Deed Records. Taken from the forthcoming album 'The Dancing Behaviour', listen to 'Frau Odd' below: 

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Save! – The Light

The light at the end of the long tunnel was beginning to grow ever more faint behind them as they walked along the train tracks. There was little to be heard but for the drip, drop of water rattling against the rocky floor which lay beneath their feet. A dark musky scent of oil and steel lingered in the air around them, it was hot, muggy, and stuck to the inside of their nostrils. This was no place of glamour or exotic glory, it was a lonely venture. They wandered further and further down the line, a tiny flashlight lit their path. Heaven forbid it died, heaven forbid they might be without the light.

Here is the latest release from Les Disques De La Mort. This one carries weight featuring remixes from Hivern Discs associate Marc Pinol and Ivan Smagghe. Save! is a collaborative project between Marc of Colder fame, and Mutado Pintado. No half measures have been taken here. Listen below:

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Adra – Project Mogul (Vin Sol Remix)

The operation was underway, Project Mogul had begun. Espionage was an artform in its own right, the pair had become masters in its mystical villainy over a decade. They had been shown the tricks of the trade by those superior but now they were very much respected amongst their field. This would be their final job, after this they would leave this god forsaken world of forgery, mystery and lies behind them. The time was now or never and Project Mogul offered them the key to a new life.

Adra's latest EP titled 'The Roswell Incident' is set for release on the 4th of April. Vin Sol steps up to remix the lead track 'Project Mogul'. Listen to his interpretation below:

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Unloved – When A Woman Is Around (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

There lies two sides to every story, a woman can be both a blessing or a damning curse upon a life. When she is around all can seem logical, pure and peaceful, yet there lies a sinister undertone to the way in which she has charasmatically charmed and cursed your days in such a way. There are moments of great happiness, love, joy and wonder yet they can be turned in the blink of an eye into a stormy whirlwind of loathesome, cold hearted desperation. When a woman is around all can change, all can change. 

David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent make up Unloved. Inspired by film scores, the rebellious mentality of 60's girl groups and beyond, they cast quite a presence. Sexy, sinister and exciting. Here is the Andrew Weatherall remix of 'When a Woman Is Around' which will be available as a red 12" piece of plastic on RSD 2016. Listen below: 

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