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A-Eno-Acid – Tank Jack

Inside the power station there was a repetitive noise which echoed and reverberated around the chamber. The workers had coined this obscure clanging sound the tank jack and boy did it move. Rugged large bangs would be met with the rumble and glitches of metal hitting against the outer shell of the great building. They were in the industry of building hard grooves, distorted joints with a rugged sense of self and a nod back towards those that did it first.

A-Eno-Acid is set to release a new EP on Chicago Bee Records and has already received the support and acclaim of old school heads such as Steve Poindexter, Jerome Hill and many more. This is real 'ish for the streets and clubs of Chicago. 

Listen below: 

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Ringard – MSH

Following on from Mytron & Ofofo's excellent Topography EP, the fifth release on Les Yeux Orange comes courtesy of Rennes producer Ringard! The Lacrima Rossa 12" is his first release outside of his own Dance Around 88 imprint, on which he's put out eight records so far.

We're premiering 'MSH', a seriously impressive cut that mixes the soul of deep house with the chassis of warehouse techno. It does a lot with very little, and that floating synth line ends up becoming surprisingly emotional. Listen below:

Lacrima Rossa is out 30th March on Les Yeux Orange, pre-order it here.

D. Lynnwood – Bit Coins

Reading this sentence is probably the first time you've heard of D. Lynnwood, but the South London-based Parisian has previously released music on a number of UK labels. For reasons known only to himself, he decided to start afresh with a new alias and a studio full to the brim with synths and drum machines. Thankfully, the change has been vindicated immediately with the Connect EP. Out 6th April via Shapes of Rhythm, it's already been receiving support from the likes of Tom Ravenscroft, Marcel Vogel and Red Greg.

We're very happy to be premiering 'Bit Coins', a jerky hardware boogie jam whose fizzing synths and pitched down vocals draw you under its hypnotic spell. Listen below:

Connect is out 6th April via Shapes of Rhythm. Pre-order it here.

D2B – Never Ending (D2B Extension Mix)

The road was long and winding as it meandered amidst the outback of the American countryside. Some called this place death valley, to others it was but another stretch of land the same as the last, the never ending expanse of dust, sand and concrete. There was little breeze blowing in the light of the morning and there was an eerie quiet which hung beneath the distant mountains. The car drove slowly onwards, the heat rampant and boiling on the metal frame. The engine choked a little. 

D2B is mysterious, a label, a producer, a friend? We know very little about the roots of this record or the mysterious figures which exist behind the scenes. It bangs. 

Listen below: 


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Placid One – Ballistic

The rocket was on a trajectory which could not now be stopped, no amount of pushing the big red button would be able to withdraw the powerful force destined for a land far away. This was a ballistic missile of the upmost power, not one which could be tamed by mere mortals or men but by force greater than to be found within the caverns of earth. Watching from the ivory tower many of the men gathered had begun to clap their hands in anticipation but he couldn't help but cry….

Placid One is set to release a new EP on Eddy Larkin, a recently launched imprint. His feature comes off the back of an appearance on Ransom Note Records last year and he once again showcases his fine talents in the studio. Listen below: 

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Ess O Ess – Take You To A Secret Place (Kuniyuki Remix Soft Mix)

The dynamic duo known as Ess O Ess (aka Chris Stoker and Jamie Blanco) return to Not An Animal Records for their latest release! 'Secret Place' perfectly showcases their uncanny knack for deftly balancing the rockier end of disco with the authenticity of early house.

We're premiering the second of two remixes from revered Japanese producer Kuniyuki Takahashi, whose early four-track tape recordings were recently collected on a new Music From Memory compilation. His 'Soft Mix' comes as a digital exclusive here – flooded with spacious pathos and backwards guitars. Listen below:

Man Power – Barranquilla Trifle (Ruf Dug Zouk Remix)

The table was surrounded by mysterious looking gentlemen who were dressed to the nines in the smartest garments and fine attire. Several looked out upon the feast from beneath the brim of a hat and observed with a stylish caution. The barranquilla trifle sat proudly in the centre of the table, it was a spendid sight to behold and the holy grail of the dessert empire the chef had built from the ground upwards. It's funny that one might presume a baker to be a softer sort, how wrong they might be. Little did they know what fiery might lurked within the sponge and goodness within. Hot, hot powder. 

Man Power has managed to find time to squeeze out another 12" on Futureboogie in between god knows what else. He is remixed by one of our humble favourites in the form of Ruf Dug who reinvents the wheel with a zouk infusion. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

OverworX – I Am The Cream

OverworX is the new project/label from underground techno producer Ben Pest. His debut release under this new moniker has already been receiving support from the likes of Jerome Hill and Appleblim. We're premiering the absolutely storming 4×4 rave cut 'I Am The Cream' which you can listen to below.

“OverworX has come about from a desire to make a distinction from my liveset-based music," Ben explains, "and the more 'produced' end of things that I have been making in my studio for the last year and playing out at DJ gigs. The music is more rolling and aimed directly at the club environment than ever before, that’s certainly the aim anyway."

OverworX 001 is out 1st May on 12" and digital (w/ two Bandcamp-exclusive bonus tracks). Pre-order it here.

Swimming deep beneath the water there was little sound to be heard from the roaring crowd up above the surface. It was like another world deep beneath the blue expanse, one in which the finish line was but the only focus. Alongside there were competitors each gliding through the water with the same intention, the same drive and the same end. Breathing was becoming difficult, there was only so long that man was supposed to be beneath the waves. I felt it slip away…

No Moon – I Felt It Slip Away

No Moon is the next up on London based record label Let's Go Swimming. The imprint has moved from strength to strength with prolific intent and the next release is strong indeed. Listen below: 

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Chaotic Reality – Three

The number seemed to follow him everywhere he went, from bus stops to street signs, from doors to in the supermarket. It was an ominous presence which hung heavy on his shoulders. Why it was three he did not know, what it meant he knew neither. One day perhaps he might stumble into some sort of gracious acceptance of the condition the number played upon his life but for now the only logical response appeared to involve rebellion and denial. An internal fight with no way out. 

Chaotic Reality is Scottish producer set to self release his debut, an EP which blurs the lines between dubbed out house, techno and electronica. It's an inspired cut. Listen below: 


Buy the release HERE

Stellardrone – The Belt of Orion

The night sky was stark and black, tiny pearls of white were all which flickered upon the darkened canvas casting shapes and silhouttes for all the world to see. The belt of Orion was a mysterious pattern of which many had seen but few knew of the meaning. It was the first collection of stars that he had been shown when he was a boy and only now had he come to appreciate the value in the dotted glowing specks amidst the moonlight. He was oh so small. 

Nebulae is an independent record label operating out of Barcelona. The imprint is set to release a new EP featuring an array of talent which includes Cignol and Holon. We are featuring the delightful work of Stellardrone. Listen below: 

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