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PREMIERE: Kerem Akdag – Friend

The venue was far too busy. Smoke filled every coner of the room and condensation dripped from the ceiling. He had no idea where his friend had vanished to. Somewhere within the crowd she was now lost to the mercy of music and movement. As he looked through the body of shadows he could see very little which might give any indication as to her whereabouts. He started to panic, started to dance because he had little choice and continued to move between the sea of darkness. He needed her now, his friend. 

Kerem Akdag appears on a new EP for Apparel Music as part of a sixth birthday release edition. His charming take on a sound which has been commonly associated with South London sees him get deep. Listen to "Friend" below: 

More details about the release can be found HERE

PREMIERE: Exon Bacon – Doorbell (Folamour Dusty Fingers Remix)

The grand hall looked ever so elegant perched atop the hillside. As he climbed the stairs his haert began to race with a nervous sense of anticipation and awe. How had he ended up here? This was no place for a mere pauper, back home he was a nobody, a rookie and man of the people and the town. He did not deserve to walk amongst royalty. He pushed the golden doorbell and a long ominous ring echoed through the house. He tapped his toes, a jig if you will, and waited…

Folamour has had an exciting year and may well be the next to rise amongst the international club circuit. The French producer returns to see out 2016 with a remix of Exon Bacon's 'Doorbell'. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Phil Gerus – Make Time 

At this time of year it is important to allow for family. Making time was the name of the game as he rolled up the driveway of the manor house. The trees blew hazily in the wind as snow fell slowly from the sky above. As he looked towards his home he let out a deep sigh because he knew he never had to return to a place of hardship quite like where he had come from. The war was over, freedom could begin and boy was it set to be luxurious and bliss. 

Phil Gerus is the next artist to appear on Tensnake's True Romance label. He delivers a collection of sweltering party cuts across the course of the EP. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: The Beat Escape – Seeing Is Forgetting

hey man, 

nice to see you briefly this week! sorry for not stopping. on some intense call i think! 
this is really nice man. 

i'm not sure it's 100% R$N but I'm not sure that matters because i really like it. 

@andrew i think this might be up your street too mate?

Pretty much what I thought. Yup, this isn't your usual R$N "doof-doof" stuff, but you know, some of us (Tropical excepted) still have a good ol' yearn for simpler and more guitar things. But then again, I could be Wil's older brother/ lover and Ally could even be our son. Perish the thought.

If you think that's a bit weird, then see what the band themselves thought…

8:36 in the morning. Three kilometers from Exit 68 off of the 15 North in the Laurentiens. The air is cold, the sky is overcast and their minds are clear. The radio plays exotica music. The first waves of sunlight pierce through the trees and glance off the windshield. They don’t speak. They sit, they think, and drive. Seated.

Their studio is next to a lake, surrounded by evergreens. Analog machines sit silently by the landscape, awaiting for their arrival. At 9:00, they’re closer. At 9:05, they arrive.

The Beat Escape walk into the studio and immediately begin to work. They turn on a drum machine and compose a beat – it’s familiar, yet entirely original. A chord progression fills the room, one that’s been on their minds for nearly six months. It happens to sit nicely on the beat, and for this, they are thankful. Walking through old memories, dreams, sequences and altered states of perception, a melody is caught and harmonies are sung. By them.

All around the world, the day continues. The song evolves. The dream is alive. For everyone.

At 9:26 they make a Mai Tai. Two parts rum, half part cointreau, quarter part lime juice, a splash of pineapple juice and a dash of grenadine, garnished with lime, mint and two straws. An unusual drink for The Beat Escape, but they hope it will inspire the session. It occurs to both of them to mention dinner, but neither says a word. So, they make more drinks. Ninety minutes well spent.

At 11:09, the song is complete.

Another reward is due, and their thoughts turn to supper. A riddle-like puzzle. The meal must be inspiring, but not too good. The best of all possible meals would contradict the evening’s true purpose, one that extends well beyond the realm of eating. The food, however, must be good enough to sustain a positive environment amid the always-fragile mood of young creatives. They are, after all, hanging out, and enjoyment is crucial to the energy of their workflow.  But too much enjoyment attunes them to wrong frequencies – escape is not everything. This balance is often at the core of their nature. And balance is the essence of The Beat Escape journey. Yin & Yang. Dinner & drinks. Energy & workflow. Adam & Patrick (the members of The Beat Escape, an electronic duo from Montreal). 

Now, back to dinner:

Workflow Chicken:
(serves two band members)

– 4 organic chicken thighs 
– juice of 1 lemon
– 1 tsp of lemon zest
– salt to taste
– pepper to taste
– 2 cloves of garlic 


Any vegan options for me and my boyf?

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PREMIERE: The Violet Hour – Ultraviolet 

The purple haze hung dimly in the black night. A crowd had begun to gather outside the nightclub, the location for the dance. An ultraviolet glow loomed, a reflection from the smoke blossoming between cigarettes and the dim warmth of streetlights. An engine roared in the distance but they were far away from any main road. The warehouse was hidden in the outback of the city, amidst an estate which few were brave enough to venture. The smell of oil and damp hung eerily in the air. 

Cocktail D'Amore return with an EP from an infamous duo. Massimiliano Pagliara and Fort Romeau are in action on a new EP as The Violet Hour. They deliver nu disco/ house tinged jams with an ultraviolet twist. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Love Letters – Who Was Driving

The room was icy cold. He sat looking at the tiled walls as the two cops glared from across the table. They had no regard for who he was, his story or what happened. All they gave a damn about was who had been behind the wheel and who was driving the car. The robbery had supposed to be a quick win, a quick buck, a quick fee. It was never supposed to have gone down the way in which it did. Nobody was supposed to get hurt let alone die. He couldn't believe this s**t…

Love Letters return with a new EP for the villainous and exciting CGI Records. they deliver hypnotic house with a moody and oddball twist in a style which has become familiarly associated with the label. Read Here: 

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PREMIERE: Ess O Ess – Flamingos & Wombles & The Blue Oyster Cult (Dub)

In the merry woods the bears began to dance. They hid beneath the glow of the moonlight atop the mountain side. The wind blew coarsely through the trees but that did not bother them, they were far too rugged and brave for such things to threaten their fun. No man would find them here, within the opening of the forest. They gathered and they danced, grunting and howling to the heavens up above. The sun would rise in a few hours but for now the jungle was theirs. 

Ess O Ess return with a flamboyant interpretation of house music. They deliver a sample laden jam which bounces and oozes with the fun associated with the season. Listen to the dub of their new track below: 

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PREMIERE: Mark – "We connect the right people to build relationships that truly matter."

The advertising reel rolled onwards like a neverending loop of nightmares. He wasn't sure which sick fantasy he had woken up amidst but the world around him was monstrous and frightful. The TV flashed bright gold and green images from behind the glass which cast a hurried light across the dark room in which he lay. The cold matress sat uneven on the wooden floor and his head began to spin. All he could hear was rhetoric and adwords buzzing in his ear. This was a mess. 

Mark appears on a new two track EP for A Colourful Storm. He delivers an oddball release with dark undertones which hint towards the world of drones and earthly matters. Listen below: 

More details can be found HERE

PREMIERE: Die Orangen – Oodnadatta Rain (Alessandro Adriani Remix)

The sand lay a golden brown by the side of the road. The sky was lit up radiant rays of pink and orange. Soon the rainy season would come and wash away all sign of this place. The houses would be battered by the damp and the trickle of water might even lead to a flood. The grasses would grow long and frutifully under the damp of autumn but for now they would continue to bake beneath the heat of the magnolia sun. This was a beautiful place and it was theirs. 

Malka Tuti return with a new EP in the form of a collaboration between Kris Baha and Dreems. The pair deliver tracks under the moniker of Die Orangen and are remixed by Alessandro Adriani. Listen to his imagined version below: 

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PREMIERE: Nasty Boy – Sky Jam 

The air was alive with the sound of whirring engines and robotics. As the plane flew coarsely through the blue there was a sense of foreboding joy which engulfed all aboard. The passengers sang triumphantly as the clouds went whizzing by. This was a sky jam, an in flight extravaganza. Ecstacy for one and all as they careered towards a new destination. They were on tour and this journey would stay wth them forever until they died. It was time to fly. 

Nasty Boy appears on a new split EP alongside Ricky Montanari, Hatelate and Tone. He delivers a beautifully crafted organic house jam with soulful glimmers and percussive haze. Listen below: 

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