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Hamatsuki – Rett (DJ Sports Remix)

The park sat nestled between tall buildings, it was one of the few open spaces left within the vast city. So much had changed in this town, too many faces had came and gone before being replaced by the stale grey concrete and the towering skyscrapers. Cranes hung iverhead like vultures waiting to pick apart the piece of the city on the floor below. Sat upon a park bench he watched as all of this unfolded, he took a deep sigh and exhaled a breath of fresh air. Soon it would all be gone…

Hamatsuki is the second artist to appear on the Glaswegian label Sensu. Formed from the roots of the Sub Club based party of the same name the label has promised that these tracks are tried and tested on the floor – oh and it comes with a remix from Dj Sports. Listen below: 

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J.A.K.A.M. – Tribes

The streets were alive and well with strife and trouble. The tribes ran riot into the midnight hour and caused chaos upon the boulevards. The empty alleyways became hotbeds of violence and hatred based upon territory and towerblocks. There was no rallying cry or roar of the siren as the police had long since left this town, now it was simply vagabonds and rogues who cast a spell of bitter rebellion upon young, impressionable sorts and innocent men caught in between the cracks. 

JAKAM appears on a new split EP for Lyon based record label and friends of Ransom Note, Hard Fist. He features alongside the likes of our own Timothy Clerkin, Shadi Khries and more. Listen below: 

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C.A.R. – This City (Michael Mayer Remix)

Earlier this year, C.A.R. aka Chloé Raunet’s second album PINNED was released to huge acclaim from the likes of DJ Mag, Resident Advisor and Trax Magazine.

The first of two multifaceted remix EPs out later this month, PINNED Up realises the powerful dancefloor potential of Raunet's material and features contributions from the likes of Marcus Worgull, Bawrut and Lokier. Kompakt's Michael Mayer heads up the release with a remix that unleashes the latent kinetic energy and emotive power of original album closer 'This City'. It went down an absolute storm when he dropped it at fabric the other month, and now you can listen to it below:

PINNED Up is out 18th May via Ransom Note Records.

Fred Everything – Wherever You Go (Lauer Acid Dub)

Canadian producer Fred Everything is gearing up to release his fourth album Long Way Home, and his first in 10 years! Not that he's been a slouch in the production department during that time, as releases for Local Talk, Drumpoet Community and his own Lazy Days Recordings can attest to.

The album is out 21st June, and lead single 'Wherever You Go' is out 4th May, backed by two excellent remixes courtesy of Lauer who adds some muscular acid to the blissed-out balearica. Ahead of that, we're very happy to be offering up Lauer's 'Acid Dub' as an exclusive giveaway, which you can download below:

Wherever You Go (Lauer Remixes) is out 4th May via Lazy Days Recordings.

Wrong Water – Magma-Pie

There was a beautiful dessert sat placed atop the kitchen table, awaiting the diners to return to the room and embrace it with awe and might. A magma pie of the tallest order, a delicious treat which would leave them full for many days to come in the future. The room was dimly lit by candles and the environment rustic and humble, this was not a zealous feast but a polite meal. The baroque castle had become their home, a pretty kingdom with a wise old story. 

Wrong Water is the alias of St Petersburg based musician Eugenii Fadeev. He has previously released on the Glaswegian label 12th Isle and has received praise for his take on eclectic electronics. Now he turns his attention towards Kiev based label Muscut, an imprint to watch. Listen below: 

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OTTO – Rhythmus

"Conjectural wedding band" OTTO – aka Cid Hohner and Alexander Arpeggio of Mond Musik – return on 22nd May with their third EP! Stimmungen delivers sonic solutions for all sorts of moods, ranging from dark and stormy to smooth and suave. Oh, and there's organs. Lots and lots of organs.

We're very happy to be premiering 'Rhythmus', which layers abstract, repetitive vocals over a twitchy groove, while the duo's trusty '80s Yamaha adds a splash of colour to proceedings. Listen below:

Stimmungen is out 22nd May via Orgaton. Pre-order it here.

Vactrol Park – Adria

She was beautiful, a devilish girl in a red dress. Her eyes were enchanting as they watched the boat drift softly atop the waves and into the harbour, on board the gentlemen sipping hot tea knew little that they were being watched. Adria was working undercover on foreign soil, deeply entrenched in the life and tradition of a far away land a million miles away from home. She looked outwards towards the dense blue ocean and took a deep breath before diving, it was time to go and say hello…

Vactrol Park are set to release a self titled EP on Malka Tuti in the coming weeks, a wonky enchanting piece of electronic music finely tuned for a weird and wonderful summer. Listen below: 

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Bogdan – Parovoznikov (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)

The engine was spluttering like an apoplectic grandfather and spewing out great clouds of black smog. Fuck. He knew he should have checked it before the flight. But there was no time for reflection now. A quick glance at the altimeter revealed the severity of the situation. The plane was dropping fast and he was struggling to bring the nose up. Just one minute more in the air and he'd be able to parachute out over the jungle – god knows what lay in wait for him there, but he wasn't about to waste time thinking about it. Strapping on his parachute and booting open the door, he felt the wind whipping against his face, and launched himself out into the great unknown.

Russian producer Krjuk aka Bogdan joins the Not An Animal stable with his latest release! We're premiering Justin Van Der Volgen's excellent remix of 'Parovoznikov', which turns the original into a rugged electro jam. Listen below:

Parovoznikov is out now via Not An Animal, order it here.

Turbo Boom Boom – Makwerhu Boom Boom

The noise echoed loudly in the old abandoned car park as the walls shook under the weight of the mighty bang. Boom, boom, boom… The sound travelled for thousands of miles and could be heard from far away. Inside the towering structure a hundred people had gathered to observe the scene, watching as the machinery tore through the barrier of sound and entered an entirely new dimension. The sun had fallen now beneath the clouds and the darkness, the end was soon. 

Turbo Boom Boom appears on a new split EP alongside an array of talent in the form of Hysteric, Roger Thornhill and Baerlz. He reworks a funky bubblegum special into a fun focused club track. Listen below: 

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Beridze – Days Of Thunder

There was a loud clap in the early morning sky and the birds flew abruptly from the treetops. They were startled, afraid of the rattling noise and the density of the sound. These were the days of thunder, a season of great noise and wild vigour which led to reckless actions and wild adventures. Travelling through the mountain region he looked out upon the road beneath him, it had been a long walk and soon he would find himself atop the highest of all peaks. If the weather allowed of course…

Beridze appears on a new compilation set to be released by Dream Machine Records. The Georgian label has featured the very best in local talent and the release is fifteen tracks long. Listen below: 

Buy from the 1st of May HERE

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