Premiere Inn: 01.09.17


Greita – Plastic Salon

The place was harsh and cold. Women walked pensively up and down the long corridors, awaiting treatment from an expert in the plastic salon. It was supposed to make them beautiful, to enrich their appearance and outlook on life. However, little did they know that this was all but a fabricated myth, a money making theory by which suckers bought into the lives of others and a distant dream. She observed the scene with a look of ominous disgust. 

Greita is set to release his debut full length EP on the recently launched French record label Disques Flegon. He delivers and intriguing assortment of sounds on "Faux Signal". Listen to "Plastic Salon" below: 

Buy the release from the 15th of September HERE

Premiere: Bakground – Don't Wanna Grow Up

The future continued to plague him with worry and self doubt. He considered the possibility of remaining young, wild and free forever for he did not want to grow up, old or sideways. The uncertainty which paved the way forwards was blinding at times, like throwing one's self outwards into the abyss. A leap of faith. 

Bakground is set to release a six track EP on what will be Raw Sounds District's fourth release. A delicate assortment of dusty beats and low dlung pads. Listen to a rampant, breakbeat cut from the EP titled "Don't Wanna Grow Up" below: 

RSD004 is out in September. 

Axefield – Walk Under The Falls

The water poured elegantly from the edge of the cliff. The wet rocks were lined with moss and wild flowers due to the damp conditions. As she walked under the falls she looked upwards towards the great blue sky, her mind a million miles away from the problems and stresses that she had left back home. Deep in the jungle she was now very much at ease, the warm humid air which surrounded her was intoxicating and deeply comforting. 

Axefield is next to release on the evolutionary Atomnation record label. Not ones to stand still the label turns its focus towards an up and coming producer with a penchant for deep. dusty house. Listen to "Walk Under The Falls" below: 

Pre order the release HERE.  Follow Axefield on Facebook HERE. Follow Atomnation on Facebook HERE

Man Power – Tropical Bastard 2 (Frank T Butters Remix)

The man was a fickle menace, a jungle maniac. This tropical bastard haunted the temples creating havoc for the local tribesmen and women who lived happily in peace nearby. He had never made his peace with the forest in the same way that the others had and as a result he had been quickly outlawed from the crew. Now he was left to fend for himself, hunting and eating the fruits of the wild. 

Man Power takes us on an exuberant journey through the tall trees as he showcases his "Tropical Bastard" project on Not At Animal Records. The release is accompanied by fresh remixes such as this edit by Frank T Butters. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Gohan – Danse – Toujours

Everyday was a school day and there was always a lesson to be learnt. At least this is what his elders had taught him. Following this frame of mind he approached each dance class as if it were to be his very last and as such each step depended on intricate accuracy and precision. He moved graciously across the wooden floor, his body casting a shadow in the dim glow which beamed against the mirrored walls. He clenched the bar tightly and began to move. 

Peur Bleue is slowly becoming a firm favourite here at Ransom Note towers. A record label with a singular sense of self and a consistent release pattern the next EP to appear on the imprint is from Gohan. Listen to "Danse – Toujours" below: 

Visit the Peur Bleue bandcamp HERE.

Rydm Sectors – Sensuality

The light in the room was moody and low as the red curtains hung elegantly alongside the walls. She was sat upon a couch observing the chaotic scene which whizzed past in the bar all around her. She however, was a perfect ocean of calm, a flickering candle in a room packed with bright sparks and heated flames. Her sensuality was somewhat overpowering for those in the room who sat alone, she was provocative yet unattainable. Do the math…

Rydm Sectors are next up on the Cosmic Rhythm imprint. More sun kissed house which could have been recorded decades ago yet very much made in the present. 

Listen to "Sensuality" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Natalie Reiss – Good Intentions (Timothy Clerkin Remix)

She had never meant for it to go this far, in fact she was wholeheartedly shocked that the prank had malfunctioned so horribly. Prior to the event she had embraced uncertainty and had approached it with nothing but good intentions. Now she was trapped in a world of chaos and trouble. Her friends denied their responsibilty in the joke and now she was facing the consequences. 

We are delighted to be able to premiere a remix from a very close family member Timothy Clerkin. A man of mystery steps up to remix Natalie Reiss as she self releases her new single "Good Intentions". 

Listen to his version below: 

Follow Natalie Reiss on Facebook HERE.  DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD HERE. 

Spoko & Aguayo – Dirty Dancing (Matthew Herbert Remix)

She moved provocatively towards the open space casting an arm out towards the swarm of onlookers. She was inviting them, enticing them to join her upon the stage amidst the midnight glow. The heat of the night was potent in the air as the glow of lights bounced against the crowded stall. She was moving gracefull but with a sense of purpose. This was dirty dancing at its finest, all she needed was a partner to lead the way. Watching her move, he slowly raised his arm.

Cómeme know how to release a remix package. Following the success of the collaboration between Matias Aguayo and Dj Spoko the label has unveiled a new remix EP featuring an assortment of big names. We are delighted to be able to premiere Matthew Herbert's alternate version of "Dirty Dancing". Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Curses – Together In The Dark

They held one another's hands tightly. The two were the last ones left in the damp, dark, dirty basement. Running from the cops, together in the dark, they were the last to be caught and captured for a crime in which they had not been involved. Outside the whirring sirens could be heard from miles away, the shudder of a helicopter cut coarsely through the black night sky and from time to time a beam of light would illuminate where they lay through the window.

Curses is set to release a new EP on London based record label and party series SC&P. The Berlin based producer has taken a moody turn on the new release which he describes as follows: 

"Since moving to Berlin, I found myself embracing my post-punk, new wave and rock & roll roots more than ever and incorporating it into my production and sets. Together In the Dark is about the disappearance of fear in unfamiliar and uncomfortable realities and embracing new light to move forward."

Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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