Premiere: Ian Blevins – Welcomes (Secretsundaze Remix)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A fired up remix from the dynamic duo on Just Jack.

The room was crowded, it was set to be a warm evening and as he stood outside the doors he began to shake with nerves as the sound echoed and danced down the corridor. It had been a long time since he’d last been here, for so long this realm had seemed beyond his kind.

Now, he was free to be himself, to dance as himself, to move as himself. Never had he imagined it might go quite like this, with butterflies in his stomach and a nervous shiver which radiated and vibrated down his spine.

He hoped that he would be welcomed, he wanted to be welcome. If this was to be his world now, he’d need that.


Ian Blevins is a prolific figurehead of the modern, experimental house sound having released on the likes of ESP Institute, Futureboogie and Not An Animal. He is remixed on a new EP for Just Jack by longstanding London pioneers Secretsundaze in a fiery, dancefloor approved style.

Listen below and Buy HERE.