Premiere: Hunter/Game – Dead Soul (Joey Anderson Remix)


Deep within the murky reaches of the black sea lay a buried creature. A dead soul had died beneath a sinking ship many moons ago, now he lay amidst the golden sand and the growing creatures covered his remains. The sound of a submarine could be heard hunting in the distance, looking for any sign of life which might remain. It would be lucky to find even but a hint of a presence within the shadowy black abyss which the dead souls remains would now call home forever. 

Hunter/Game return for a bang this year as they prepare to release a new EP on Just This. The announcement came following the release of their album on Kompakt last year. However, this wasn't even the best bit of news about the release as we were enlightened by the prospect of a Joey Anderson remix. Listen to his reimagined version of "Dead Soul" below: 

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