Premiere: Hugo Massien – Beyond Completely Gone


The raindrops danced and fell atop a broken city of lost souls. This place was beyond completely gone, washed up and washed away. The clouds rolled by overhead, an oppressive grey weight loomed above towerblocks and skyscrapers, they sat empty in the light of day. Once this place had been a great kingdom of wild intrigue, careless fun and abandon. Yet now here it stood, empty and damaged – a city lost to the depths of time. A metamorphosis in the truest sense. 

Hugo Massien is set to release a wonderful new album on E-Beamz, a record full of euphoric textures and tones. It’s laced with promise and blurs the lines between fully fledged rave and deep, pensive electronics. This track is called “Beyond Completely Gone” and the whole album comes highly recommended by us. 

Listen below: