Premiere: HTN – Break Point


Standing behind the metal fencing he watched as the cars whizzed by with a relentless pace, their engines were strained and tired. They'd been driving for hours, racing in an endurance test which would prove who was the superior driver of a generatiuon. The cars were each at breaking point, the stench of burning rubber hung thick in the air and from time to time a lapse in concentration would lead each vehicle to swerve slightly off course. It was in these miliseconds that a winner could be determined or a crash might unfold. A raging tyrant on a racecourse which had cost so many before. 

Brainwaves are set to release an EP from HTN, a mysterious assortment of eccentric modular experiments which rumble and rampage between the extremities of electronic exploration. It's invigorating and furious.

Listen below:

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