Premiere: HOVE – In Motion


Swimming through the water he moved with delicate grace as the waves rippled alongside his torso. He was in motion – headed towards the top end of the pool where he would be crowned champion amidst a packed auditorium. There were no other competitors and they could not touch him for he was the king of the water. From time to time his face would breach the waves and he'd be greeted by the euphoric cheers of a crowd who wanted nothing more than to see him win. He was a swimmer… 

HOVE is set to release a new EP on Light of Other Days, a Zurich based record label which specialises in abstract electronics, balearic inspired fusion and ambience. Their catalogue is impressive having released music by the likes of Michal Turtle, Miajica of Alma Negra, Slow Glass and more. 

The new EP is just as strong, a celebration of the dying embers of summer and an intricate affair. 

Listen below:

Visit the Light Of Other Days Bandcamp HERE