Premiere: Holo – Blanc

5 Minute Read

Elegant, well produced deep house as it’s meant to be from Noire & Blanche.

The water was still down by riverside, revellers had gathered on the banks to talk shop and reflect on what had been, the sky a puffy assortment of fairy like clouds which hovered overhead. It was a muted blanc, a trusting colour which promised stillness and peace throughout the evening.

The midweek blues had long since passed as they watched the boats go slowly past, indulging in pleasant conversation as the echo of laughter rolled downstream.

These were the nights when things went right.


Noire & Blanche release a well crafted EP made up of luxurious, deep textures which will soundtrack many a summers evening and moody basement we predict. House music very much as it was intended to be so.

Listen below: