Bianca Scout: The Ransom Note Mix

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Abstract experimentalism featuring unreleased material.

Bianca Scout is a multi disciplinary musician and performer who recently released her album ‘Pattern Damage’. It was an album rooted in the exploration of trauma and human behaviour in response and channeled a deep sense longing for escape from cyclical patterns.

As a musician she has worked and collaborated with the likes of Space Afrika, Klein, Coby Sey, Mica Levi, Ben Vince and Elena Isolini. Her music is at times haunting, at others ethereal.

This mixtape is a reflection of that and has been paired with the following piece of descriptive text.


“The babe and the ancient : A sonic adventure about the half phantom bride ‘Origin’ who finds StoneFace amongst the rocks on Jersey Shore. Including songs such as ‘This City Had A Wall’ from ‘The Heart Of The Anchoress’ and ‘Anon’s Song’ from ‘Pattern Damage’.

We can hear the voices of friends and collaborators such as Elena Isolini, Coby Sey, Darkmarik and Cam Molloy weave in and out as Bianca Scout threads together pieces and sounds from different places of her world.

The last track you hear is from an album still in the making, made with fellow producer who goes by the name Cajm, and its called ’Silent Treatment’ … coming soon… “

Listen below:

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