Premiere: HIEM – Moonwitch and Tarot (Manfredas Remix)


It was just curiosity that brought her to the psychic — at least, that’s what she’d been telling herself repeatedly all the way here. She’d never considered herself much of a superstitious type and, until recently, she’d have balked at the idea of reading a horoscope, so tarot readings were completely new and uncharted territory. She’d have laughed at herself a year ago, but back then she couldn’t have fathomed the events that would soon play out.

Tasked with delivering the next release on Mugwump’s Subfield imprint are cult Sheffield act HIEM, the duo made up of Venini band member Nick Eastwood and The All Seeing I’s David Boswell aka Bozzwell. A new addition to their string of releases on Crosstown Rebels, Eskimo and Nang, ‘Esoteric’ brings a dose of ritualistic chants and dark psychedelic rhythms, backed up by remixes from Canadian disco-tech outfit Ami Moderne and Smala boss Manfredas.