Premiere: Henrik Lindstrand – Dungen


One Little Independent Records present Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand’s third solo album, the final part in his trilogy of deeply personal and poetic soundscapes. A follow up to 2017’s Leken and 2019’s Nattresan, Lindstrand continues to craft his own intimate universe, channeling emotion through wistful and calming melodies. 

Speaking about opening track ‘Dungen’ Lindstrand explains “this piece was initially a commissioned composition for the health and meditation app AIO. I wanted to write a minimalistic piece with lots of space and time for reflection and focus. The inspiration came from a small grove (Dungen means grove in Swedish) nearby my house as a child where I could hang out on my own when I needed to find some peace.

The album is set for release soon. Listen to ‘Dungen’ below…