Premiere: Heckadecimal – Bat Silk Stunt


It had taken them some time to realise, but it seemed a wrong turn had been taken at some point on their trek into the mountains. How far back? Of that they weren’t sure. Between one another they began to bicker, shifting the blame or repeatedly pleading their innocence to one another. With the sky’s gradient starting to shift into shades of red and orange, they knew that soon it would sink beyond the horizon and the darkness would bring with it extra trials and tribulations. Everybody recognised this and the fraught conversation ceased. In silence they turned on their heels and began to trace their previous route. 

Next to drop on Minneapolis imprint Kajunga is a five tracker from the city’s DIY scene mainstay and Always Human Tapes co-founder Heckadecimal. Following releases from other local producers like Private Guy and Cloudy Kid that have touched many corners of the electronic spectrum, Critters serves up a batch of hardware-driven cuts that bring together elements of sound design, haunting tones, warped 303s and resonant leads.