Premiere: Headaches – V (Human Pitch)


Trying to learn Roman numerals at school gave all of us here at R$N Towers a headache. We could never quite remember what D or L stood for. Don't get us wrong, we're more than comfortable enough with the I, M and X of it all – and, in face, we've got an extra special soft spot for a good V – but the idea of staring at that little nib at the end of a TV programme made before the year MM (2000) quite simply made our heads hurt.

Fortunately, Headaches' new LP – out very soon indeed via the brilliant Human Pitch – sticks to the kind of numbers that we're familiar with and the sounds on offer are actually something of a soothing remedy for any pain caused to our noggins in the process. Whether you're feeling high or low, stick this in your ears and you'll be on top of the world within minutes;

Aluphor is out on 6th November via Human Pitch – pre-order your copy here.