Premiere: Harry Wills – Waiting For Rob (Tim Schlockermann Remix)


She looked at the beautiful flower, which was merging its network of photosynthetic roots to a tree trunk in what looked like a passionate embrace. The moist, damp tree elevated the brittle flower, exposing it to the sweltering swampy forest, as if it was parading the rare flora bestowed upon its bark. The unique blossom was pale, and had two long, fine petals that were shaped like a frog’s jumping legs. She was sure she’s finally found one of the rarest flowers of them all: a ghost orchid.

Robert James’ Body Movement hits the floor with its third release, this time from UK producer Harry Wills. Vimto Paradox is a four-part journey into thumping beats, cosmic electro and techy basslines, and includes a remix by Tim Schlockermann, which premieres here today. The rework takes a sparse, slow-burning approach, whilst maintaining the original’s main theme. A hypnotic, mysterious refrain emerges midway through the track leading the listener to a mysterious and mesmerizing percussion-heavy conclusion.