Premiere: Harald Björk – Shiftings


The clouds moved slowly across a sun kissed sky, little fluffy shapes shuffling across a dense blue backdrop in the midst of the afternoon heat. They were shifting and shaking in the wind, passing over earth as they gazed down upon an empty planet from miles away in outer space. Beyond them were the stars which danced in an ocean of blackness, the planets bounced and moved in ways we could not comprehend. Beneath it all was us, a humanity lost in its own sense of self entitled worth. However, it was all about to change. 

Today marks the release of a new album on the dance and electronic music powerhouse that is Cocoon Recordings. The German label has acted as an outlet for an endless wave of cutting edge musicians and their latest offering is no different. An LP from Harald Björk, a hugely talented producer who has released music previously on Studio Barnhus and Traum Schallplaten. Listen to the lead single from the LP below: