Premiere: Haf Haf – U Are Not Cool


Beautiful faces and well-dressed people stared back at her from the front of the glossy magazines. She dispised this fabricated image of coolness that these publications purported; they were no models to follow, they were the antithesis of her own perception of what’s cool. Rummaging in her bag, she brandished a black pen, removed the cap and fashioned them all matching glasses and moustaches.  

Six years after his debut on Gang Of Ducks, which helped define the early sound of the label, Milan-based producer Haf Haf returns with Pattern In Chaos. Like the name suggests the eight tracks blur the lines between genres, seeing him explore the boundaries of production to find new sonic pathways. Described by the label as “a really singular record which moves energies in a new way”, each track is unconventional and surprising, twisting themselves into different and unexpected forms.