Premiere: Glimmerman – Step Mode


First Second label are back with downtempo, dancehall meets mutant bass crossovers on a new EP from Glimmerman.

As he entered the room onlookers watched him with beady eyes, they stared him down and took him in with menace and malice lingering in the air. This was not a safe space, not a place one might choose to spend much time or be caught lingering.

However, whilst he was here he would not fear their hateful gaze for this was to be where he left it all behind as free as a bird. He was in step mode now, eagerly walking forwards into the light and as he stood perched in the centre of the room he began to move.

Glimmerman is set to release a new EP on First Second Label, this one is a rock steady affair for the heads down dancers and the discerning listener. This record sits somewhere between bass, techno and dancehall – so genre that as you feel fit.