Premiere: GIDEÖN – Brighter Day

5 Minute Read

House music at its very. very best from one of the UK’s most committed and influential figures in the scene.

The sun began to glimmer in the distance, slowly rising atop the hillside and banishing the foggy mist which had gathered overnight below.

There was something warm and magical about the way it moved. its certainty was glorious in a world so filled with chaos and confusion.

This was going to be a bright day.

He could feel it as the world around him awoke and was reborn in the glow of the light.

This was going to be a brighter day. 

Than that which had come before and left such a bitter taste upon the tongue. 

This was going to be the brightest day. 

When freedom and unity would meet in glorious synergy as they danced beneath the radiant haze of the midday sun. 


GIDEÖN is joined by Tasty Lopez & Tobirus Mozelle on what may be one of the strongest club cuts of the year so far. An ode to the Cajmere classic and a homage to the truth and spirit of House music culture at its very core. This one is due for imminent release on Homo-Centric and is set to tear the roof off clubs in the near future. You have been warned..