Premiere: General P.D.C – Amazon Dub


The river roared as the water cascaded rapidly down the mountain side, in the midst of the jungle the rain could be heard pattering against the leafy ceiling. A storm was coming, a thunderous beast which might bring struggle and strife to the people of the region. It was as if someone were banging a great drum in the sky, an echoing reverb with a weighty clap and the boom of heat. It was an Amazon dub, a rumbling power with the ability to bring ruin and  chaos. All the animals looked for shelter from the roaring storm in the bitter hope that they might see the glow of daylight once more…

General P.D.C is the monniker of HLM38, he returns with a dub infused beast for French label Notte Brigante alongside a deep, exotic remix from the Beesmunt Soundsystem guys.

The EP is an intriguing venture through rugged slow moving electronics with a punkish edge. Listen below: