Premiere: Gatos Negros – Habanero (Original Mix)


In case you were wondering, we do love cats rather a bit over here at R$N Towers. In fact, the great hall is dedicated to the great Lord Henry Cattington for his services to string chasing. Of course, there are also smaller rooms dedicated to other cats – Mad Manx, The Siamese Twins and Jess out of Postman Pat.

Yes, we love a good cat and when our Spanish associates are over we indulge in many conversations about los gatos. It can get pretty heated at times, their tempers are as fiery as that of a habanero pepper, but in the end our mutual love of feline companions pulls us through the hard times.

Now, onto this stunning track from Gatos Negros – we reckon you'll love this;

Deus Ex Machina is out now via Rotten City Records.