Premiere: Gateway Shuffle – Green Tribute


I still remember the day like it was my last, a day that will never be forgotten from the past. I can still retrace every step, every breath, every word. Every time I realised what I was doing, right up until the moment I got caught, then I blacked out… Couldn’t remember a thing until the police got there, caught me red-handed with all the evidence they needed clearly in my hands.

Miami-based DJ Ray & Goiz return with the second release on their label Open Space, following the debut outing from Goiz last May. The newest instalment, a five tracker titled Digital Lifeline, comes from their close friend, Gateway Shuffle AKA Alexander Folonari, and was written and recorded in the Italian countryside of Chianti. Our pick, ‘Green Tribute’ confidently merges a nostalgic acid line with slow rising pads and bouncing Balearic percussion lines, whilst creating a hard-to-grasp narrative through its unusual and suspenseful arrangement.