Premiere: Gabriel Ferreira – Slow Sugar (Blindetonation)


The humble bumble bee, the gentleman insect with the fine coat that we at R$N are still hoping one day can be humanely harvested and safely shorn to provide us food-chain champions with both elemental protection and the sartorial elegance of this honourable arthropod. Until that day, we are delighted with his tireless work, winding up wasps (back under the pint-glass you scaly scally), and doing the naughty tango in his determination to provide us with his delightfully drippy, slow sugary honey. Just like the sticky stuff, Gabriel Ferreira’s cut on the new Blindetonation EP smoothly and sweetly oozes the syrupy goodness gradually, ahead of a lovely, languid, lip-smacking under-rush. Lick it up.


"Slow Sugar" is on Blindetonation Split 01 which you can buy HERE