Premiere: Franz Kirmann & Roberto Grosso – In Waves


Tears stained her cheeks; with each one she wiped away, another quickly took its place. This morning was a far cry from the highs of last night, the smiles and the laughter had dissolved and now she felt no joy. It came in waves, she didn’t know when it would hit her: what would the trigger be? Could she avoid it in the first place? These questions swirled around her mind everytime these emotions hit, but she was still no closer to finding a solution.

Composer, producer and Bytes affiliate Franz Kirmann has teamed up with Italian artist Roberto Grosso for a new EP on Kirmann’s own Days Of Being Wild imprint. Titled ‘In Waves’, the collaborative release dives into the darker realms of electronic music, using a cinematic approach to prompt a deeper sonic experience that goes beyond what we can hear. To aid in this the pair have used augmented reality to bring the project to life, through artwork, sound, painting and video.